Deadpool 2 – X-Force’s First and Last Mission

By: Corey Lack

Deadpool 2 is the sequel to the first Deadpool movie that was released in 2018. This one stars Ryan Reynolds again as the titular character and is just as funny and 4th-wall-breaking as he was in the first movie. This movie’s story focuses on the titular Merc with a Mouth as he tries to find purpose after a loss, usually in the most entertaining way possible. This movie has many more familiar comic faces appearing throughout the movie, such as eternally lucky Domino, the time-traveling Cable, and Juggernaut, as well as almost every character from the first movie returns, well save for the dead ones obviously. The main purpose of Deadpool through the movie is trying to keep a child from growing up to be a killer while also preventing Cable from killing the child so he could prevent that same thing. While this movie is mostly a comedic one, the more downcast parts certainly pull off the mood well.

Deadpool’s character, like with the first one, is the main focus of the movie. It is his conflicts, thoughts, and desires that get most of the screen time. Even the villains and other characters are rarely seen unless they are interacting with Deadpool himself. As I previously mentioned, Deadpool is every bit as hilarious in this movie as he was in the first one. Even the situations he creates had me cracking up.

This movie managed to trick a lot of people into what was going to be happening. The biggest example of this is the creation of Deadpool’s team of mercenaries. This had some of the biggest and well-known acting faces appearing, like Terry Cruise and Brad Pitt, but they are only in there for a very short time. In fact, Brad Pitt plays an invisible character with no speaking parts and only appears in the few seconds he’s electrocuted to death when he accidently parachutes into powerlines. Terry Cruise dies when he parachutes into an oncoming bus.

The only real issue with this movie that I have comes the comic snob in me. I’m someone that likes being able to recognize fictional characters when they’re brought onto the big screen, at least the big-name ones. This is mostly focused around the character of Domino. First, I want it clear that the actress was just as amazing in her part as the rest of the cast. She was awesome in her action parts while still being funny in a few parts. Her back-and-forth with Deadpool was the source of some of the funniest parts in the movie. That said, my biggest issue with the movie is that she looks nothing like the comic book character. This is a little niggle to bring up, I grant you, but there it is.

The hilarious comedic scenes, the amazing actions scenes, and even the heart-wrenching tragic scenes all make this movie a must-see! Seriously, even if you are not a comic book fan, this movie is definitely one you’ve got to watch. I’d give it 9.75 suspiciously filled soap dispensers out of 10.

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