Hitman 2 – Bringing out the Dark Side

By: Corey Lack

The Hitman series a long-running series of video games, having even been made into a couple of movies, and Hitman 2 is the second game in a latest remake of the series. This one features Agent 47, the world’s greatest assassin, going through different locations and taking out different targets in exchange for information about his past. The player will take control of 47 and make plans to take out the different targets, getting points for each kill and certain activities, such as finding keys, hiding bodies, and gaining information about their target. Some of these locations are a racetrack in Miami, Florida, a low-income neighborhood in Mumbai, and a bank in New York.

For the record, this game is not one that a person goes to for a good story or interesting characters. Yes, some people can argue that 47 is interesting in his badassdom, but honestly, he has as much draw personality-wise as a block of wood. The story’s been also been done to death, pun intended, in just this series alone. Seriously, it has been the plot for multiple iterations of this series and even the movies. No, this game’s main draw is the almost puzzle-like gameplay as the players figure things out on how to take out their targets in interesting ways. This gameplay is truly where the game shines. First of all, there are many types of weapons the player can pick up, ranging from traditional guns and knives to bricks, bottles, and crowbars, with each having a rating of lethal and nonlethal as the player actually loses points if they kill someone other than their target. That said, there are multiple uses for each pick-up. For example, dropping or tossing an item can create a noise that’ll draw guards away from their posts or specific actions can be used in specific locations to create traps or “accidents” for their targets to fall into. For example, causing a problem that they’ll need to personally check out or fix only to walk right into a bomb the player set. I especially couldn’t help but find a dark and slightly twisted glee at setting elaborate traps and having my targets fall right into them.

The game isn’t on par with some of the more story-driven game and is more focused on the player’s puzzle solving. It is a good game if you’re looking for that, but again, don’t go to it if you’re into story and interesting characters. I’d give it 7.5 silverballers out of 10.

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I am a graduate student at Northern Kentucky University. I like writing fantasy and science fiction, playing video games, and watching movies.

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