Three Secrets-How To Be the Most Positive Person in the Room (Complaining dulls your intelligence)

“There Is No Negativity, Only Absence of Love…”
We might as well face it. Everyone wants to be happy. Did you ever feel completely turned off by a person who whines about not wanting “any negativity” around him? Perhaps you didn’t stick around long enough to let him in on our little secret. You could have said: “Yes, buddy. It’s completely up to you, not anyone else. The choice is yours and yours alone.” Negativity is an opportunity. It’s simply a lack of love. You can embrace this opportuity or simply avoid it.The opportunity is to shine love into a situation and transform it. The moment you shine love on: what you do, relationships, career, finances and more, negativity dissipates and your life starts to flourish. Life is a simple choice: negativity or love. So what are some of the ways that we can invite more positivity into our lives? After all, is it true that habitual complaining makes us dumber?

 Take accountability. “Everything is here to help you (Matt Kahn).” Pssst! Remember your last boyfriend that screwed you over? I will let you in on a little secret… he only did it, so that you could learn a lesson and become a better person. Well, perhaps he didn’t know that he was being so brilliant but in the end, the result is the same. Do you always feel like you’re meeting the same “type” of a person? Then learn your lesson and move on for G*d’s sake! Choose someone different! What about that last time that you had a flat tire on the highway? Well… let me ask you this: how good did you feel once you were back home, knowing that you handled such adversity? You learned that you are stronger than any incidents or fears! Love your anxiety and emotions. Anxiety is simply misdirected excitement. It shows you that something or someone is truly important to you. Emotions are the best piece of information that we can use to inform our actions. Love your fears because those show you what is truly important to you. Love your mistakes because those are your best teacher. Love other’s mistakes because those teach you how you want to be treated and treat others. You gain experience and strength through adversity. Love adversity and it will inform your world. Love.

Go for what you want. In relationships, career, spirituality and hobbies stick to atmospheres and people that align with your wants. Speak OUT LOUD what you want. OWN what you want. So often, we are shy to admit our plans and dreams. Such approach only feeds doubts and we must foster faith instead. Believe that you will get what you want… eventually. The first step towards creating the life of your dreams is to admit what you want to yourself and others. What about relationships? What if the person that you are with wants something different? Perhaps something that’s not compatible with what you want? If this want is structural to your happiness, then it’s best to thank each other for what you shared and move on. Always, always let what you want guide you.

Give people what they want… without an anterior motive. When is the last time that you approached a relationship asking “What can I do for him/her? What could be my gift to them?” Imagine how beautiful the world would be, if we all approached relationships in this manner. Not only would it add positivity to the givers but would allow the takers to get inspired.

Take accountability, go for what you want and give others what they want. The world is big enough for all of us and there’s plenty of happiness to go around. If we practice these three approaches we will soon spread positivity at an infectious rate.

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