Trump-The Symptom not the Problem

Many of us were shaken by the recent news of President Trump testing positive for Covid. The reactions among the public varied. Some, wished him a speedy recovery while others… quite the opposite. Twitter exploded with new rules and regulations about not wishing harm to people.
While most that know me will agree that I’m not a fan of our current president, I do wish him all the health and happiness in this world (and the next). Here’s why; IT’S NOT HIS FAULT! That’s right.
Racism, bullying, sexism, death of democracy, loss of freedom, injustice and more…  Trump din’t create these conditions and dangers to our society. He was simply a vehicle that demonstrated, that all these conditions already existed within our society (before he ever came along). Trump did us a favor by exposing our own hypocrisies. He didn’t bring racism and discrimination into our country. It already existed. We were all too ready to divide and fight among ourselves. Instead of coming together to eradicate our society’s ills, we opted for dividing and standing up for/against… one man. He is simply (a) one man. Trump could not have accomplished what he did, if the society wasn’t racism, hate, injustice-ridden to begin with. We need both, corporations and people to get behind protecting common values that are the backbone of our United States of America.

Maybe our “common values” are not so common after all. When is the last time that we looked at our brothers and sisters with compassion? Regardless of sex, race, political orientation, income bracket, political party or legal status, when is the last time that we regarded our fellow humans and their well-being? When did we delete “for all” out of “… liberty and justice for all?” We didn’t… as far as I’m aware. Compassion is the key to liberty and justice for all. How much compassion is expressed by the poem on the statue of liberty? “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” That’s right. I’m confident that when Emma Lazarus wrote this poem she had more compassion and love in her pen, than we seem to have inside the entire United States.

Every day, I pray for true leadership to lead this country to its’ greatness. In the meantime, each and every single one of us can defend liberty and justice for all. My dear people, when will it be enough? When will we become truly “United?” When will we stop choosing profit over people? Can’t we all just get along?

2 responses to “Trump-The Symptom not the Problem”

  1. Nonsense.

  2. Thank you for saying this, because awful as Donald Trump is, he is not “uniquely evil”. He’s nothing more than an amoral salesman and attention junkie selling a view of America that we gave up even trying for once Clintonian NeoLiberalism became the main doctrine of the Democratic Party. Jimmy Carter may have started it by making economic detente with China, but he did it out of a belief that by wedding our economies together we could bring China’s thinking closer to ours via soft power. In retrospect that hope was appallingly naive — if anything, WE have been brought closer to China’s ruthless, autocratic way of thinking! But watching Carter since he left the White House, it’s clear his vision came from idealism, not greed….

    …Unlike Bill & Hillary Rodham Clinton, who saw NeoLiberalism as a way to line their own pockets with ill-gotten gelt!

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