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  1. Thank you for saying this, because awful as Donald Trump is, he is not “uniquely evil”. He’s nothing more than an amoral salesman and attention junkie selling a view of America that we gave up even trying for once Clintonian NeoLiberalism became the main doctrine of the Democratic Party. Jimmy Carter may have started it by making economic detente with China, but he did it out of a belief that by wedding our economies together we could bring China’s thinking closer to ours via soft power. In retrospect that hope was appallingly naive — if anything, WE have been brought closer to China’s ruthless, autocratic way of thinking! But watching Carter since he left the White House, it’s clear his vision came from idealism, not greed….

    …Unlike Bill & Hillary Rodham Clinton, who saw NeoLiberalism as a way to line their own pockets with ill-gotten gelt!

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