Back to School: Virtual or Public

School picture

Another school year around the globe, but this time it is merely strange due to the pandemic. Some districts chose between virtual and attending in person a couple of days out the week this time around. You can imagine some children pouty faces and bad attitudes throwing tantrums at the thought of staying home utilizing a computer..

You can also imagine some kids smiling, staying up late still, falling asleep during virtual and in school. However, there have been plenty of funny videos of the children using baby dolls replacing the child, parents naked in the background, and of course, the students dozing off in the middle of the lecture.

I cannot get enough of the internet with memes going viral. It is a good laugh. School time is still studying, learning, teaching, passing the grade, not passing the time. Therefore, with the pandemic, virtual schooling wins, and laughing at the people and kids helps through the crisis.

I wish the parents and students all the best! More power to organize parents that have a schedule. I commend those who made one because it is essential to be on track with everything despite what is going on globally.

Happy schooling, and people watch out for the funniest school videos. I know I will!

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