McDonalds New Plan to Attract Customers is Quite Appealing

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Whether stopping to eat on a long road trip or ordering fast food after a long day at work, McDonalds has been a top choice of restaurant since its opening in 1937. It’s common presence, diverse menu, and, some may argue, addictive food, has attracted over 68 million customers daily. However, there is one field that McDonalds shares competition with Wendy’s fast food restaurant for: Breakfast. While McDonalds does serve popular breakfast items like the Egg McMuffin and Hot Cakes, Wendys also serves breakfast food such as biscuits, croissants, breakfast burritos, cold brew, and a “Breakfast Baconator”. What’s more is that Wendy’s breakfast items are sold at cheaper prices: about 2 dollars at Wendys as compared to the 4 or even 5 dollar meals served at McDonalds

So how does McDonalds expect to even the competition with Wendys? Starting October 28, McDonalds will be including new breakfast items to their menu. These items include: apple frillers, blueberry muffins, and cinnamon rolls. These items will be included to the McCafe bakery. The company has posted pictures online of their new cuisine, and our mouths are watering just looking at them:

New McDonald's apple fritter review - YouTube
McDonald's Blueberry Muffin reviews in Snacks - ChickAdvisor
Review: McDonald's - Cinnamon Melts | Brand Eating

According to a study conducted by the NDP group, McDonalds sales have fallen by 18% since the coronavirus pandemic plagued the United States. Over half of the lost income came from their lack of breakfast sales. McDonalds CEO Stephen Easterbrook states, “Compared to Wendys, it’s very competitive out there at breakfast. We’re still losing a little share…It continues to be a battleground.” Through adding new breakfast treats to their bakery, McDonalds hopes to “get even” with Wendys and increase their sales, even during a difficult year

So which fast food restaurant restaurant will you be going to for breakfast?

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