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It just doesn’t kill the one with the bottle but the souls around as well. Thinking in my head on replay… Why am I not enough? Why don’t you love me as much? What’s wrong with me? What can I do better to the person happier where they won’t it? All I ever wanted was…
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Mental Health Matters

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The world acted as if I was invisible. The past three years have been a mess. I was mixed up and almost lost myself. How I acted was not me. Depression violently and unwittingly attack me, got on top of me then suffocated me. The moment I had a chance to gasp for air depression invited anxiety to join in on the torture. I had enough and decided to run away and make the moon my new love. I will forever be that girl that stops on the side of the road to pick the dandelions or look for the dandelion dust to blow on for a wish. Ill forever be that girl that gets excited when a rainbow appears and goes to the chase the pot of gold. I found my way back to my roots. My place in the world is right under my feet and getting to my destination is my life path. This is my place to share my journey. Join me and grow with me.

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