Leaked Information about Iphone 12 is Quite Exiting

New Apple Leak Reveals iPhone 12 Release Shock

An Apple Inc. leak on October 8 2020 has revealed some details about the newest Iphone model. Although the model was not supposed to be released until the middle of November, the information that was received was so intriguing that we couldn’t help but share it with others.

High Data Storage: The Iphone 12 is expected to increase the amount of data storage to 256 GB of data. What this means for the consumer is that there is more room to download apps, save pictures and videos, and create backups. This is practically double the data storage on previous Iphone devices which is about 128 GB of data.

Dual Camera System with Better Focus: Similar to the Iphone 11, the Iphone 12 is expected to have a dual lens, this time with f/1.6. What this means is that, since there are dual lens, there is room for both a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. This allows the consumer to include more items in a photograph without losing the quality of the images. Previously, if too many objects were squeezed into an image, the microchip built into the camera lens would lose focus of the photo. This creates a “fuzzy, blurry” effect when the photograph is taken. With the new IPhone 12, however, this problem is a thing of the past. The impressive photos created by the Iphone 12 are of the highest quality, and with a better camera focus than before, it is just another reason we are hyped about the release.

The Iphone 12 comes in new Colors: In terms of external aesthetics, the Iphone 12 is no slacker. Previous Iphone models also had a variety of colors, but these colors were more fundamental: red, blue, yellow, purple, green, black, and white. The new Iphone 12, however, is expected to come in a much wider variety of colors, such as gold, silver, turquoise, and even graphite. This means that the consumer may not have to spend extra money buying an Iphone case that matches their appeal. It also increases bragging rights to their friends about how voguish their new phone is.

New Hardware Chip: Previous Iphone models had used an A11 Bionic Processor Chip in their devices. This chip had consisted of a six core CPU and was the most powerful chip introduced at that time. However, Apple Inc. has agreed the hardware has become obsolete, and is replacing the hardware chip with a much more efficient one. The Iphone 12 model will now come with a 5 nanometer A14 chip developed by Apple Inc. themselves. The model, as expressed by Apple CEO Tim Cook hopes to “bring both speed and efficiency and also increase security. Privacy and Security are built into everything we make, so your private information stays protected”. Therefore, this new chip will not only increase security of private information, but it will also increase Iphone speed and health by bringing small gains in battery life.

New Apps: New applications have been created on the Iphone 12 to increase productivity and simplicity. Examples include an updated News app and Podcast app. However, as argued by Cook, the most important new app on the Iphone 12 is the Health App. “We created the Health App because we believe everyone should be able to easily and securely view their health information”, Cook states. “We are proud to work alongside institutions in the UK and Canada, so that they can offer health records on the Iphone, empowering patients to better manage their health”. The Health app allows patients to access Health records on their Iphone, relieving the hassle of searching for them. This increases efficiently as well as encourages patients to make their health a priority. These new apps are quite worth waiting for, and consumers are excited to know what apps the Iphone 12 will launch next.

With these new features, it is no wonder people are on the edge of their seat for this model. From the higher data storage to the new hardware to the new apps, many can agree that the Iphone 12 will be a bigger improvement over others. What else will be included in the lineup? Will there be other features? Apple followers are itching to find out!

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