SN CH: My Investigation Of The Haunted YouTube Channel

With 37 ten to fifteen second videos posted in total, the YouTube channel SN CH has inspired an online investigative effort that has left even the most clever code-breakers absolutely stumped and horrified. The channel hasn’t posted in years, but the content of the videos has left its audience wondering whether or not the uploaders are safe or if they’ve become part of a real-life horror story.

I love a good puzzle and have done some internet deep-dives in the past, so I thought I’d give this channel a shot and see what I can dig up. Before we delve into the weird content of the channel, let me explain the overall organization of the videos so you know what I was working with.

Part 1: Overview

As you can see, most of the videos have keysmash titles, such as the last video, entitled “UG9udGlhbmFr.” Although it’s odd to look at, titles like these aren’t too unusual for YouTube. Sometimes, people upload videos straight from their devices without changing the file name, especially if they’re just using YouTube as a means of storing their random videos, so this doesn’t stand out upon first glance. We’ll look into the titles a bit later, however, to see if there’s anything deeper to them.

All 37 videos are organized into two playlists: “TGlfYm8=” and “ssnchh.” You’ll notice that the second playlist title bears a resemblance to the channel name, SN CH, though no one seems to know what the letters are referencing. This playlist is the first chronologically and was posted in May 30, 2015, while “TGIfYm8=” was posted May 1, 2016. All of the videos in the two playlists follow a storyline, so we’re left with two stories in total.

Both stories feature a group of three friends. Tyler is our cameraman, whose face we never see in the first playlist and only occasionally in the second. David is a Best Buy employee, as seen in the “ssnchh” series, who may be the oldest of the group since he’s seen buying alcohol while the others wait in the car. Mason, who has a full beard, is the third friend who we’ll see throughout the videos. A close analysis of the outside of their vehicles as they drive around reveals that they’re in Lehigh Acres, Florida.

Part 2: ssnchh

The first of our playlists, ssnchh, starts as the boys are waiting in their car for David, who is buying alcohol. Their interactions are friendly and seemingly pointless. In the fifth video, 7630003048390075940, Tyler even remarks that he finds it funny to record random moments and upload tons of videos at once. David returns to the car, wearing his Best Buy shirt, with the booze. The boys record a few more videos during their journey back home where they have some more friendly banter, such as asking each other about the most embarrassing things they’ve done is public, before suddenly the scene shifts to the boys playing Risk, a board game. There’s also one moment where the boys are singing together and Tyler seems offended that no one will sing “Heartbreak Hotel,” one of Elvis’s hits, with him.

Their game is interrupted as the friends hear an odd, screeching noise from the other room. A baby monitor has started to make a ton of noise and is lit up, but the boys can’t seem to figure out why and notice that the sound becomes louder when its placed near the cameraman, Tyler.

They try a few different things to figure out why their monitor has gone awol, including unplugging it and taking it to a few other places around the house, but the noise keeps coming. The scene shifts again and the boys are sitting around and talking about going to Florida when suddenly they hear something from the other side of a nearby door, perhaps the sound of something crashing. The boys are spooked and cower behind couches before gathering their courage and checking it out. All the while, Tyler’s camera starts malfunctioning and he says it keeps turning off.

Once in the room with the noise, which is revealed to be a garage, the boys don’t notice anything particularly out of place, but a close inspection of the film reveals otherwise. In this video, take a close look out of the window:

Did you see that? There seems to be a face peering in at the boys. You can see a smooth, white forehead and the beginnings of eye sockets before it darts out of sight at an inhuman speed.

This clip is the last one in the playlist, and the boys don’t post again until May of the next year.

Part 3: TGlfYm8=

The next playlist begins with the friends sitting on the patio and talking about French. Tyler and David are sitting on the patio while Mason seems to be doing yardwork or something on the other side of a nearby fence. As you might expect, there’s absolutely no mention of the happenings of the last playlist, which are now a year in the past. During the second video of this playlist, the boys are snickering at their neighbor, who seems to be tapping on their window glass. Although Tyler seems to find this funny and laughs at the little hands, the other boys remark that the person might be in trouble and is unable to make noise.

After this, the friends play with their dogs, play Dark Souls 3 for a while, and then head to the store. One video from inside of their car reveals a little bit of their conversation. It’s hard to tell what they’re talking about, but Tyler states that he “doesn’t want to talk about it” and expresses concern for his 3 dogs and says something about “causing” something. The conversation is cut short as they see some friends in the parking lot and make some jokes with them before heading in and getting some beer.

The next video is interesting to me. The group is seen leaving the store and Tyler lingers his camera on a baby bottle that’s sitting alone on a ledge. They’re looking for Mason and joke that they found his baby bottle, so the moment could be meaningless, but I think this may be a connection to the last playlist or at least an indication that Tyler is still thinking about the events of their last recording session.

Next, the friends head home and are seen playing a game of Monopoly. Mason makes some joke about how the other two like to form an alliance against him when suddenly everything goes wrong. They hear a noise from the patio, the electricity goes out, and the boys are heard scrambling as the screen is mostly black. One of them (I believe Tyler) is heard saying that a door has been ripped off its hinges while another states “It’s outside.”

The last video of the channel is posted about the month afterwards and features a black screen with odd sounds:

Part 4: Titles

Now that we know the general plot behind these videos, let’s take a look at the titles. As you might have suspected already, they’re in code. Specifically, they’re in Base 64, a fairly common number code that we’re mostly able to crack pretty easily. Here’s what we know:

Playlist title:
Limbo (TGlfYm8=)

Videos in order:
Limbo (bGltYm8= )
Forgotten (Zm9yZ290dGVu)
Typhon (dHlwaG9u)
Gate (Z2F0ZQ==)
Child (Q2hpbGQ=)
Pride (UHJpZGU=)
Sloth (U2xvdGg=)
Lost (bG9zdA==)
Leviathan (TGV2aWF0aGFu)
Styx (c3R5eA==)
End (ZW5k )
Where (d2hlcmU=)
Is (aXM=)
Your (eW91cg==)
Daughter (ZGF1Z2h0ZXI=)
Pontianak (UG9udGlhbmFr)

Unfortunately, the meanings of the other video titles are still unknown.

Part 5: Analysis

Here’s my conclusion: Something is up with Tyler.

The video titles that stand out the most, naturally, are the ones that pose the question “Where is your daughter?”. This question is congruent with the rest of the themes we’ve seen throughout the videos: a baby monitor goes off (and why would 3 guys have a baby monitor anyway?), we see the hands of a young person tapping on glass, and Tyler lingers on an abandoned baby bottle for a while. Clearly, something is happening with children. Also, remember that the baby monitor only reacted to Tyler’s hands.

The title of the final video, Pontianak, is also telling. This video is the one with the black screen and static-y noise that closes out the channel, so it’s title will naturally hold an important meaning. A Pontianak is the spirit of a woman who died during pregnancy. She did not die during childbirth or after her baby was born, but she specifically died while her baby was still in her stomach. Usually depicted as pale and ghost-like, these spirits are malicious and are heralded by the stench of death or the sound of a baby crying. We don’t hear any kids crying during either playlist, but we do see the baby monitor going off, and it gets louder when it’s close to Tyler, as though his presence is upsetting a child.

A further analysis of the final video gives us even more evidence. When put through a spectogram, the video produces this image:

As you can see, there’s clearly an image of a face looking out at us. This face bears a strong resemblance to Tyler during the few instances that we actually see him, and there appears to be a second figure leaning against his shoulder on the left side of the image. You can make out a pair of feminine-looking eyes, and her face seems to repeat a little bit on the right-hand side, where you can see the lower half of her face. Her lips and nose are barely visible.

Now, let’s take a closer look at that uncomfortable car conversation that Tyler doesn’t seem to want to have. It’s a little hard to hear him, but here’s what I can make out:

…for the time being. Until everything, like, kinda… I don’t know, man. I don’t really wanna talk about it. It’s just a lot of weird shit going on. A lot of weird shit that we’re, like, the cause of. We were the cause and we made–“

At this point in the story, I feel like Tyler is realizing some level of guilt or responsibility. Did something happen to his last girlfriend, and has he realized that the baby monitor reacted to him for a reason?

It’s hard to determine much from these videos, and there are still plenty of mysteries to be solved. Was the neighbor’s tapping related to the paranormal activity seen in the rest of the videos, or was that a separate event? Where do the words “Typhon” and “Leviathan” fit in with the story? What do Mason’s dogs have to do with the hard conversation in the car? If you have any thoughts, please let me know!

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