A Different Perspective

Dealing with an illness or disease can put a “damper on your day.” Not only that but having a medical condition leads to anxiety and depression. Diseases that affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally are sometimes incurable, fatal, and leave a dark spot so full in your life that you are dying to empty.

What about the perspective of other people that judge from the outside looking in. Some may say, “you don’t look sick.” That can be the most ignorant and uneducated inquiry to ask someone who has no control over what the illness will do.

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Invisible illnesses are tricky, and yes, we may not look it sometimes, but when we do look it, we’re going through hell. Lupus is one of the invisible diseases, and it is no joke, for instance, the fatigue, the skin issues, the no immunity, the organ failures, the limitations once flare-ups arrive, the pain. I can go on and on, but you get the point.

You have people who fight with the disability services to get Medicaid and disability to fall back on despite having to quit a job because it is not accommodating enough. Let’s face it; it is tough being sick, feeling ill. Instead, we look at it or not. The perspective is much deeper than we’re lazy, we need to work, are incompetent, and hear other answers from those uneducated.

Let’s all take the days one at a time, find peace and healing through some prayer or meditation and God and leave all the worries in his hand. There are bad and hard days, but when we are in the midst of hard times, it is essential to be in a space where we can heal mentally and physically. God Bless!

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