War On Women Come Stomping Back Ahead Of New Album

War On Women’s Wonderful Hell via Bridge Nine http://www.b9store.com/

The co-ed hardcore punk band from Baltimore War On Women are kicking the barricade down again and are set to release their third full-length album entitled Wonderful Hell on October 30th via Bridge Nine Records. War On Women have been described as a band that rolls with “teeth gnashing and spitting venom, War On Women combine riot grrrl ferocity with the nimble aggression of thrash,” and rightfully so. The band consists of lead vocalist Shawna Potter, guitarist Brooks Harlan, bassist/vocalist Sue Werner, guitarist/vocalist Jennifer “Jenarchy” Vito, and drummer Dave Cavalier.

The single for the title track was released back on September 10th on the heels of the album announcement. The latest single being “White Lies”, with art done by fellow Baltimore artist and musician Landis Expandis of the synth band Landis Harry Larry. 

I’ve only had the pleasure of seeing War On Women perform once and it was at the Detroit stop of the Vans Warped Tour in 2017 and they were ready to scream and shout about feminism and calling out any sort of political bullshit and I was enthralled as they did it all with headbanging in the 90 degree heat.

The band has been finding ways to be safe and be creative during quarantine. Back in June, Potter teamed up with members of High On Fire to cover Van Halen as part of the “Slay At Home Festival” put on by Two Minutes To Late Night, an internet show bringing musicians together for “bedroom performances” where they can each record their parts of the song from the comfort and safety of their own homes during the ongoing pandemic. Soon after, Potter reutrned to virtually teamed up with members of The Black Dahlia Murder, Unearth, and Vile Creature to perform a cover of Scandal’s “The Warrior ”.

Potter also has a podcast coming up set to be starting in December 2020 where she’ll chat with bandmates and other activists to discuss the lyrical content of their latest album Wonderful Hell, politics, punk, and more. So be sure to keep your ears open for the But Her Lyrics…podcast. Beyond the music, Potter has been using a microphone to run workshops and promote her book Making Spaces Safer: A Guide To Giving Harassment The Boot Wherever You Work, Play, and Gather, which has garnered praise from other groundbreaking punks such as Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill) and Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys). 

You can pre-order Wonderful Hell and other War On Women merch here

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