Dumbest Customers at Walmart

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As of 2020, Walmart is the largest business in the world, with a net income of almost $15 billion. This might be because Walmart has a larger variety of items than other stores. Nonetheless, with so many customers visiting daily, employees are bound to find a few deranged, ignorant, or just plain odd customers throughout their store. Here are a few stories that employees have shared (their names are anonymous):

“A woman came to guest services saying she wanted to return a basket because ‘it was haunted.’ When I asked her what she meant, she said her boyfriend took a picture of it and there was electrical frequency surrounding it, and couldn’t keep it in her house. She had the receipt, so she was able to return it, but I can’t understand the idea of a ‘haunted’ basket.”

“There are two customers who come to our store regularly. One of them always has a beer can suctioned to his forehead. He claims it is some kind of adverting for a company. The other customer wears a clown outfit and gory clown makeup. We have no clue about him.”

“There was a man using the hose we use to water our plants showering naked in the parking lot. When the manager sent him away, he was extremely nonchalant. He just packed up his items, got in his car, and drove away as if there was nothing weird about it.”

“A woman was purchasing items with coupons that were clearly photocopied. She tried to use them to get majorly reduced prices on items such as detergent or paper towels. She got away with it because the cashier was new to the company but she still saved almost $600!”

“There were two older guys riding skateboards around the kids section. They took some rubber bouncy balls and began throwing them into customer’s carts. We tried to settle the situation down but the guys wouldn’t listen. Security had to escort them out.”

“Our maintenance guy was cleaning the restroom, and a woman asked him to stop cleaning so that she could do her business. The maintenance guy told her that the floor was wet and that the front restroom was available. She then went to the infant’s clothing department and started urinating and defecating on the floor. She also managed to conceal her face from the camera the entire time so we couldn’t identify her to press charges.”

“I was working the register at around 11:30 PM one night. When I gave the lady change, she threw it on the floor. When I asked her why she threw it on the floor, she said she wanted any children in the store to pick it up. Confused, I told her there were no children around and that maintenance would pick it up, but she still demanded to leave it on the ground.”

“I was working the checkout line, and I’m not sure what happened, but an argument suddenly blew up between two customers waiting on line. Both customers had younger children with them. The argument ended with one customer exclaiming ‘I hope you get in a car accident!'”

With such a successful company that has been thriving since its opening in 1960, there are bound to be such customers. People come from crazy environments and their behavior can be seen everywhere. So the next time you are at Walmart, you may (or may not) want to look around because there may be some interesting experiences.

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