The Rock (1996) – The Movie, Not The Person

Ah… Nick Cage. Gotta love him.

The Rock (1996) is an action movie staring Nick Cage, Sean Connery (R.I.P.), Ed Harris, John C. McGinley. It is about a FBI chemical warfare specialist (Cage) who goes on a mission with a former British spy (Connery) after a U.S. General (Harris) takes hostages on Alcatraz.

There is a lot to talk about with this movie. Whether its the hammy Nick Cage acting or the treasure trove of brilliant one-liners throughout the movie, this movie manages to still be enjoyable over twenty years later.

But, what I want to talk about is the villains plan. Harris’ character, and a number of soldiers, steal chemical weapons and then takes hostages on Alcatraz Island with the intention of getting the U.S. Government to acknowledge the deaths of men who died in the line of duty so that their families will get compensation. Which is a wild plot that I was not expecting this movie to have. This is a 90s action movie staring Nick Cage. I was expecting the bad guy to have vague European accent and just want money. This movie is also directed by Michael Bay. I was not expecting it to make such a hard stance against the U.S. Military. I’m honestly kind of impressed. I mean, Connery’s whole character is a representation of everything wrong with modern U.S. methods. He was held without a trail for decades in the name of National Security. The bad guys say, the U.S. sucks, then Nick Cage says no it doesn’t, then Sean Connery says yeah it does, then Nick Cage says maybe it does suck, and then the movie basically shows the audience that the U.S. does in fact suck.

Sure, the bad guys were going to use chemical weapons on civilians to get what they wanted, and I think we can all agree that is objectively bad. But, their reasoning for threating to do it is not too hard to understand. The U.S. Government was refusing to acknowledge the deaths of American soldiers. Leaving the soldiers’ families to suffer.

All I’m saying is that for a 90s Nick Cage action movie directed by Michael Bay, The Rock seems to have something to say. You can hear what they have to say by watching The Rock, which is currently streaming on Hulu.

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