I walk into the kitchen and I see the pile of dishes sitting there. They are all topped on one another. The dishwasher sits just under the counter directly to the left of the sink. It would be so easy to just put the dishes in there and let the dishwasher do the work. But I find myself walking to the sink and sorting the dishes. Stacking bowls and plates. Putting the silverware into dirty pots so they are out of the way. I empty the sink onto the counter.
I start the water. I check the temperature to make sure it’s not too hot. When the water is just bearable I put the plug into the sink and add the soap. I stare at the dishes trying to figure out the best way to tackle this project.
I start with the silverware. I pick up the pan and dump it into the sink. I hear the metal bumping into each other just as they hit the soapy water. I watch the soap bob up and down on top of the water. I grab my sponge and add another drop of soap to it. I then place my hand into the water. It’s hot. Almost unbearable. But it also feels good to have my hands in the soapy water. I grab the fork and fold the sponge over the tongs at the top and rub it back and forth and pull it down the handle. I continue this with every piece of silverware that is in the sink. I place the silverware into the dish drainer for the moment. I will rinse everything at the end.
Then I move onto the plates I grab the whole stack. I love it when I place them on top of the water and I can feel the resistance of the soapy water as it gives way to the plates. On the lucky days, it makes a little plopping noise. I then grab the sponge again and put my hands back into the water. I grab a plate. It slips right out of my hand. I grab it again and hold it sideways in the water so that the edge is resting on another plate that is still under the water. I rubbed the sponge all over the front of the plate applying pressure where there are bits of food that won’t come off. I do this for every plate and then place them into the dish drainer as well.
I then place the cups into the water. Every cup goes in different. It’s now a little game. Some I just drop in. some I scoop water in it first and watch it sink. Others I put in bottom first so that I can watch the water rush into the cup. Once they are in the water, I grab the coffee cups by the handle and put the sponge inside of it. I like the way the sponge folds into a semi-circle while it’s working. I wash the rim of the cup to make sure the morning lipstick is off the cup.
I finish with the bowls. I put them in just like the cups and wash them in a similar fashion. After the dishes are washed I pull the plug and rinse out the sink.
Now I have to rinse the soap off of all the dishes. So I pick up the whole dish drainer and place it in the sink. I run the water and pull the spray nozzle to rinse them. I watch as the soap bubbles that remain fall away into the sink. I put the dish drainer back onto the counter and I step back. The sink is empty, the dishes are clean. I wipe up the water that has spilled from the washing process and walk away from the sink.

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

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I’m a writer… I love to write! I’ve been writing since I was eight years old. I can’t imagine life without stories. My life, and your life it’s a story that we are writing everyday.

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