6 Types of Women Men Should Stay Away From!

What is your New Year resolution men? Hit the gym harder than last year and gain muscle? Further your career? Finally find the lady that makes you want to settle down?

Many people decide to make their resolution for the New Year to find love. Once you have this mindset, you  have to be serious about the kind of girl you want to share your life with. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the physical. Yes she is beautiful with a body like Jennifer Lopez, but she has smashed all the homies! You can’t settle down with her!

During the early stages of a relationship everyone is being on their best behavior and not showing their true selves. On the other hand, people can’t hide all their characteristics. If you are careful and pay attention to the red flags; you will be able to tell quickly if you should run in the opposite direction.

You have to know the type of women to stay away from. There are some women who are just not the marrying the type. Hence the list below:

Clingy Claudia
This type of girl does not know the meaning of personal space. She will focus on all of your attention immediately. Non-stop phone calls and texts at all times and hours of the day. It might seem cute at first, but then you start to wonder if she has a job? How can someone text twenty times before 12 pm? She will plan the next date while on your current date and she won’t let you leave her sight. This type of chick is insecure. She wants every second of day to be about her. You had a life before her, and you will continue to have a life while you are with her. Either she has been with guys who did not give her enough attention or has been hurt by a cheating boyfriend. Her way of thinking is if she doesn’t let you have any breathing room, you can’t cheat. Either way, you will feel like Waffle House hash browns, smothered and covered.

Nagging Natalie
You think she is a perfectionist, until she starts trying to make you her perfect man. The way you dress, tie your tie, chew your food, etc. Your not doing it right. She will raise her eyebrows at everything you are doing. After a while, you just can’t do anything right. You spend too much time hanging out with your friends and stay on the phone too long with you Mama. Will a lifetime of trying to  pleasing her be really worth it?

Bianca the Crazy Baby Mama
This one you can see and hear a mile away. She has multiple children by multiple men, and treats her babies like pawns. She manipulates their fathers and tries her best to keep her children away from him all the while cashing in every month on the child support checks. If the baby’s father has a girlfriend, she constantly causes problems between them the two. She tells him the kids can’t be around his girlfriend and they will not be allowed at his house if she is there. Jealous much? Seeing how a woman interacts with her children’s father is a sure fire way to tell how you will be dealt with if the roles were reversed.  To go into depth a little more with the baby mama’s, if she has 4 kids with 4 different men; seems like she doesn’t make wise decisions. There is such a thing as birth control and why didn’t any of those relationships work out. Something to ponder on….

Ratchet Rayanne
This type of woman is ready to fight at the drop of a hat. There is no walking away from a fight with this type of woman. She will fight you and anyone else who she even thinks as an attitude to her.  And she will make sure her best friend is recording and puts it on Facebook live while she is throwing hands. Inappropriate attire and hair of all different colors of the rainbow. She is half naked on social media twerking for all the world to see. Her Instagram is countless pics of her ass. Loud, vulgar, and every word is a curse word. Do you really want to take this woman to meet your family?

Gold Digger Gia
You will be out of coins with this woman. She will go to great lengths to only date men with money. She is not concerned with the value of your relationship but the value of your dollar. Sentimental gifts mean nothing, only extravagant gifts of jewelry, Jimmy Choo shoes, or the latest designer hand bag will get a smile out of her. She never pays for your dates and never even offers. This type of woman wants to live the luxury lifestyle without lifting a finger to earn it. Are you willing to foot the bill?

Independent Indya

This one I know will make some women angry, but sometimes the truth will make you mad. There is nothing defective with being an independent woman. Having degrees, a successful career, and a mortgage is admirable for a woman. And so many achieve it being single parents. It’s a commendable feat! However, you do have some women that are so independent, a man comes along who wants to take the lead and they don’t know how to let him. It will be a constant fight over the position of head of household. They feel like there is nothing that a man can do for them because they have been doing everything all this time, so what can you do that they can’t? It might take some time to wear this kind of woman down. You will have to continuously prove to her that you can lead a household and that you won’t leave her high and dry. Do you have that kind of time?

Men, if you have ever had a relationship with one of these types of women tell us your stories in the comments please!

Janice Martin

The Pussy Playbook

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