This Woman Has the Most Chaotic College Semester Ever

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College semesters these days may be absolutely disorderly with people switching to online learning. However, the college semester that network writer Nikita Agarwal had endured is far more chaotic. Just because the country is locked down in quarantine doesn’t mean Agarwal had given up on having a productive semester, let alone a productive year.

While taking four college courses, Agarwal had also read 52 different books, ran 520 KM, and started a new business. Her business, “Milestone Localization”, provides translation services for people worldwide. In addition, Agarwal plans to major in software engineering so the courses she is taking are no cakewalk. Books she had read included My Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh, the name of which is quite ironic considering what Agarwal had succumbed.

Agarwal currently resides in India where she continues enhancing her business “Milestone Localization” by hiring more translators and searching for customers. In the meantime, however, she keeps fit by jogging around her neighborhood. So far in 2020, she has jogged 520 KM which is equivalent to one mile every day. In doing so, as well as eating a better diet of fruits and vegetables, she has lost about 40 pounds since January and is her business is getting stronger daily.

With so much chaos occurring in such little time, we can’t help but ask: How did she pull all of this off? Agarwal herself answers this question by creating a step by step tutorial-a tutorial which, according to her, “They don’t teach you in college”

First, Agarwal had wrote down her goals in a diary and abided by them. Writing down her objectives made her more self conscious and increased her confidence of getting these events done. However, she also wanted to make these goals possible; after all, nobody can run 520KM and run a business in one day! In Agarwal’s case, here is what she wrote: “Read one book and run 10KM a week and take one course every quarter.”

Next, Agarwal had planned her time professionally and accordingly. According to Agarwal, she had spent over 6 hours per week on Instagram. Therefore, she had limited herself to 45 minutes on social media and spent this time finding freelancers for data analysis, report creation, and market research for her business. She created a plan to finish her work at 7 PM and therefore created a schedule: read for 6 hours, run for 1 hour, focus on her college work for 5 hours and spend the rest of her time on her business. “The people who tell you they don’t have time to read or exercise are the same people who watched all 6 seasons of Schitt’s Creek in two weeks or spend hours every night scrolling on the Internet,” says Agarwal. If you are one of those people, there is no excuse why you cannot “find time” to conduct these activities.

Finally, to ensure she keeps to her schedule, Agarwal keeps a log of her activities and the time she spends on them through an app called “Goodreads.” “I set up a ‘Reading Challenge’ with 52 books,” she says. “Every time I finish a book, it shows me what percent of my goal I have completed and whether or not I’m on schedule. This makes it super easy to track my time and reading and share progress with friends.” Keeping a log of events is also a powerful motivator as it shows what goals were not accomplished and sets more realistic goals for the future.

The unbalanced and seemingly impossible schedule of Nakita Agarwal is quite inspirational. Anybody can be as successful as Nakita with the perseverance, stamina, discipline, and the right mindset. Quarantine is not an excuse to be lazy, so get off your behinds and finish off this year strong, punk!

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