Plant of the Week: Morning Glories, the Shy and Mournful

Blue Morning Glory Flower Blooming
Image courtesy of Barbara Webb at

I’m sure it’s clear by now, but I’m an introvert through and through. Perhaps that’s why I love morning glories so much–they, too, are introverted. I still remember the first time I saw a morning glory. I was young, no older than seven, when my dad showed them to me in our yard. I still have no idea how I was awake in time to see them! I remember how he told me about this flower’s special trait: a morning glory won’t bloom the entire day. You have to make an effort to see it. It won’t just be there like other flowers. No. Not morning glories. They don’t give of themselves freely. They require something of you, and it’s worth giving to them. See them bloom on their own terms. See the beauty they have that might go unnoticed.

Enough projecting! Time for the fun stuff! Did you know morning glories represent mortality? Heh, more like mourning glories, am I right? If death isn’t your thing, fear not! They also represent unrequited love (boring) and love that is in vain (YES). How delightfully melancholy is that? Imagine sending a bouquet of morning glories to a famous person you like or your estranged parent! Your heart beats with a love that is in vain, that is useless, that will never mean a thing to the other person. Or, perhaps you could place them upon the grave of a loved one and get that one-two punch meaning of both mortality and love that is in vain! All the love in the world and they still died, and here you are holding all the broken pieces.

And for a bit of medical fun, there’s a birth defect called Morning Glory Syndrome that affects an unborn fetus! It messes with the eye, making them kind of look like morning glories. That’s about as far as I got before I got bored, so feel free to Google it.

Next time you wake up in the morning because your mental demons kept you awake all night, why not go outside and look at some morning glories? Maybe contemplating your own mortality and the futility of love will give you that pep in your step that you need to kick the day’s ass!

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