Movie Theater Mayhem; Two Women Harass Employee

Is It Safe to Go to a Movie Theater During Coronavirus?

Does it bother you when people are talking during a movie? The movie is about to hit its climax, but you can’t thoroughly enjoy it as you are disturbed by the people sitting near you yapping away. At this point, you just want to angrily “shush” them right to their face or simply move elsewhere. These two women, however, take this experience to an entirely new level by disrupting the entire movie theater and verbally abusing an employee when being asked to leave.

Imgur user Hymeria, while keeping the name of the cinema anonymous, shares the story: “I was working the opening of Into the Spiderverse. Lovely movie by the way, I love the style. These two larger women come up with their four combined children. They only have four tickets for the movie, all of them children’s tickets. I direct them to the theater, and let them know politely that they can’t stay in the theater past the starting time, since they don’t have tickets. They gave me the evil eye and walked away.”

Unfortunately, the “evil eye” is the least evil thing that these women have done to this employee. Hymeria continues, “At this point, I notice they are spitting sunflower seeds all over the floor. I politely inform them that they can’t have those either, which they obviously ignore. Still, I let it slide thinking that the women would be out of the theaters after getting their kids settled.” Or so she thought.

Hymeria continues, “20 minutes after the movie started, one of my ushers me that they hadn’t come back up. So I sent him back to get them while I stood and took tickets for him. He came back followed by the women who were both spouting abuse in venomous whispered tones about how we ‘crackers’ are discriminating against them. I just smiled and kept working.”

Upon their return, however, Hymeria explains how these women disrupted the entire movie theater: “About 30 minutes later, they say they need to check on their kids and one of them has a ticket this time. I told them it was fine but they could not being their sunflower seeds. They ignore me, push past me, and just go right into the theater. A customer comes up and alerts me that upon entering the theater, one of the women screamed ‘GET YA ASSES DOWN HERE, YA GOIN’ TO THE BATHROOM!!’ At this point, it was well into the movie and that wasn’t okay.” While the movie was still playing, it did not make the viewers any less infuriated.

Hymeria continues, “I went back and waited outside the theater, escorting the ladies to the front. Again, more insults were fired at me, claiming I was racist. All the while, the trail of sunflower seeds grew. At the ticket stand, I told them I would refund the ticket, but under no uncertain terms would they be allowed back in the theater for a third time, and they would need to wait in the lobby until the movie was over. They simply rolled their eyes and walked away.”

But the story does not end there. Hymeria continues, “20 more minutes passed, and they were back. I stood in the middle of the way and stated simply, ‘You are not allowed back into the theater. I informed you the last time you left and it still stands.’ They both shoved past me and yelled ‘WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN, GET A MANAGER IF YOU WANT!’ Which is exactly what I did. He went into the back and told them exactly what I just said. The women are all smiles and sweetness to him, apologizing, all the while leaving a trail of sunflower seeds behind them. After he escorted them to the lobby, he went about his duties.”

At this point, Hymeria decided to withdraw from her previous job and work the concessions stand, claiming they were “a little swamped.” However, according to Hymeria: “These women continued to make a beeline for me, and started yelling and calling me names and slurs and everything in between. I politely ask them to leave which only causes more yelling. One of my crew mates asks if they need to call security, which prompts the women to walk away, still yelling. I went to the manager’s office and asked, barely holding back tears, if I could go on break. He told me to take as long as I needed. So I went into the mall to get my food, thinking it was the end of it.”

However, it was, in fact, not the end of it as the women had followed Hymeria throughout the mall, uttering rude slurs and countenances, all the while throwing sunflower seeds at her. She sat in the break room and began to cry until the manager let Hymeria go home early. Hymeria concludes her story by saying, “Please always remember that customer service people are just that: People. Treat us as such. Never do this.”

The world is full of crazy, rude scoundrels like these women. Movie theaters may be an enjoyable experience, but stay alert and be wary of people like these two, so the same experience does not happen to you. Our hearts go out to Hymeria, as well as the 200,000 people who had read this story on Imgur. We wish Hymeria good luck and always remember: Any tough looking person who gets off bullying others is ugly no matter what he/she looks like.

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