This Woman Turned a Vendor’s Cart Into a Multi-Million Dollar Business

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The phrase “From rags to riches” is a difficult concept to apply through a year such as 2020. However, this woman, through sheer willpower and determination, managed to turn a simplistic, inexpensive business experience into an experience worth millions of dollars. She also explains how this feat was possible and provides tips to being a succesful entrepreneur.

Businesswoman, author, and former New Zealand soccer player Sadie Lincoln had started out as a co-founder of a fitness center named barre3. Lincoln explains that this fitness center was unique from other fitness centers in that “rather than providing customers with fitness equipment, we focus on teaching people to be balanced within body and empowered from within.” This psychological critique provided by Lincoln shows that, through having a confident mindset and having a passion and determination for the business you wish to create, that business can definitely become successful.

Lincoln herself applies this idea to later in her life when she had got a job as a sandwich cart vendor in Manhattan. She had begun to develop a passion for sandwiches, perhaps because she was around them daily. However, through her understanding of resilience and critique, Lincoln wanted to change the way sandwiches were being delivered, so she formulated something new. She took leftover pita bread and she added a crispy, seasoned texture to them. This potato chip brand, known as “Stacy’s Potato Chips” became a hit amongst New York crowds and soon, Lincoln had enough money to create a highly succesful corporation now worth ten million dollars.

These ideas are expressed in Lincoln’s book How I Built This where she not only describes how to become a successful entrepreneur but provides inspirational quotes in doing so. One quote describes her definition of “balance” which is “managing your energy, proportionate to the people and things who matter most to you.” Balancing and being successful is all about showing pleasure to those around you while saving some pleasure for yourself, even during the hardest of times.

In terms of starting a business, Lincoln provides a clear, concise step by step tutorial free of perplexing jargon: “Step 1: Formulate an idea Step 2: Raise money for your business Step 3: Hire Employees Step 4: Rise above competitors to your business Step 5: Earn your salary.” All of these steps, however, require confidence and determination to hire the best employers and always create new ideas that will encourage more customers to invest in your company.

Lincoln’s story is quite inspirational and also relatable. Many people are forced to “rise from the ashes” to make a name for themselves and Sadie Lincoln is no exception. How I Built This encourages people to rise from these ashes through building confidence in themselves and their company. As Lincoln herself writes in her story: “When you modify, you are literally and figuratively standing up for yourself; you’re looking inside and building the muscle of looking inside and asking for what you need right now.”

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