We All Dance Our Little Dance

She hides in the light. She dances the dance that is expected of her.

She straightens her hair and puts on bright colors.

She walks among you.

You may even think she is one of you.

Her green eyes and pink lips tell you she’s ok.

They tell you that she has everything.

You find yourself wanting to be her.

But out of the light, darkness comes crashing in like a tidal wave.

Washing all the color from her.

You can see her green eyes rimmed in sadness.

Her lips cracked and pained from biting them all day.

The girl she shows you is not the girl you see.

She walks in darkness shrouded in gray.

She will play the part but she will never be like you.

She will wear her mask.

She will laugh at all the right places and dance the dance that is expected of her.

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I’m a writer… I love to write! I’ve been writing since I was eight years old. I can’t imagine life without stories. My life, and your life it’s a story that we are writing everyday.

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