6 simple tips for running a successful business

Whether through business management, navigation, or entertainment, technology is capable of performing various tasks. These tasks can be categorized into different apps (ex. Navigation=Google Maps, Entertainment=Netflix). In terms of business management, however, there are quite a few apps that make conducting a business much more successful and efficient. Here are the best five apps for this task:

Quickbooks: It goes without saying that accounting and finance is a key aspect to running a successful business. However, keeping track of revenues and expenses can be quite disorienting as well as composing a trial balance. Quickbooks, however, provides an immediate reference for your business sales and expenses. According to Quickbooks user Steve Nicasatro, it also let’s you “view financial statements such as profit and loss reports, pay your employees and vendors, track unpaid invoices, and maximize your tax deductions”. The app can even connect to specific bank accounts and credit cards to upload data from these sources. It is also easily accessible as it could be used on both Apple and Android devices, If you are looking for an app to streamline financial tasks as well as depict the business’s financial health, Quickbooks has got you covered.

Proven: Another fundamental aspect to running a successful business is proper organizational skills. However, with so many tasks at hand, organization can be anything but fundamental. Proven, however, is an app that makes organization much more manageable through posting job listings through multiple job boards. When viewing the candidates of the job, the business owner can sort them into “yes”, “no,”, and “maybe”, categories. It can also note when the owner has followed up on a candidate. According to GlobalNewsWire.com, Proven can also “Sort and filter submitted resumes in minutes rather than hours”. Overall, Proven is a rather helpful app in terms of hiring employees and, thus, improving organization of the business’s errands and work tasks.

Rescuetime: As the saying goes, “Time is money”, and the Rescuetime app says it best. A successful business should know how much time they are spending on one task so that they can improve efficiency. The Rescuetime app can not only keep track of how much time you spend on a website, but it also provides detailed reports of your business activity for the day. It can also set alerts to notify the user how long they are spending on a specific app or project. This is beneficial for the mental state of the business owner because, according to a BBC article, being kept track of time spent on events keeps people more focused and improves their processing speed. Even if you are tempted to check Facebook or Twitter, Rescuetime can eliminate this temptation by blocking the websites completely. If your business struggles with time management and focusing on the most important tasks at hand, consider downloading Rescuetime.

PayPal: Arguably the most helpful app in terms of paying employees, PayPal creates an app allowing employees to attach a card to a device used as a portable register. What this means is that employees no longer need to be paged to pick up their paycheck. Instead, they are paid through the PayPal app. Other features that are listed on the PayPal website include: “Accepting online payments, barcode scanning, credit card reading, and inventory scanning”. In this way, the PayPal app is efficient for Mobile payment and then some.

Zoom: This app, created in 2011, did not spike in popularity until 2020 when schools and business were forced to go into lockdown. There is a reason why Zoom was chosen above other communication platforms, however. It allows for easy reliable communication. Features of Zoom include “breakout rooms” which improve organization by sending employees to specific rooms and being able to talk with an employee through a private chat. Also, through the “Share Screen” feature, the business can present diagrams and graphs of the status of the business. Seeing as communication is another key aspect of a business, Zoom grants this ability no matter where the employees are located.

Running a successful business can be quite disorienting and frustrating, but downloading these apps will make the experience much more bearable. Gone are days when the business owner needed to comprehend accounting jargon and utilize it through business transactions, as the apps can perform these duties in a matter of seconds. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take the time to use these apps to provide the greatest asset to your business. A few seconds to download these apps can save hours in the long run.

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