Interview with I Love Movies U Should 2 Podcast

Sometimes social media sites can be hell sites. Sometimes they can introduce you to rad people and their rad podcasts. This is one such instance of meeting someone on Twitter, me being a guest on his podcast, then becoming friends and hyping up each other’s work. 

So, let me introduce you to Evan, host of the I Love Movies U Should 2 Podcast.

Let’s open with you telling us about yourself and your podcast, I Love Movies U Should 2 

I’ll open this like I open my podcast episodes, “Hi, I’m Evan I love movies and you should too”. Haha. I’m a lifelong film fan and lover of film. I’m a black pansexual gender fluid nudist from the east coast. I went to college and I’ve had some of my writing published. I started this podcast for the nerdy film fans. I wanted to cover the underrepresented, underrated, niche and films that I thought didn’t get enough love on release. 

A lot of films that I love are hard to find or get trashed by film Twitter or even the general public. I wanted to show people these films are good and deserve more credit than they’ve been given. I cover a lot of films that not everyone has heard of. But then I will also cover some bigger films. Most of the time when I have a guest on the show it’s a bigger film we are talking about. I’ve noticed the more popular films help bring listeners in.

There are handfuls of movie-themed podcasts out there. What makes ILMUS2 so special? 

My podcast is the niche. We aren’t the biggest, but we have a great array of queer guests. We have a lot of fun and laughs. The show gives heart and some real passion for the love of film. We are the podcast when you want to hear something different. 

Maybe you are tired of hearing about the popular films, come listen to an episode of ours about a cult film. Want a different take on a popular film? That’s what my podcast brings. It’s a fun show that I wanted to create. I hope that people come out of an episode wanting to watch the movie, having some fun and learning a bit about film. I’m not a film school kid. I just love movies and have watched a lot of them in my life. 

How have your experiences been being a black person who is in the LGBTQ+ community and the horror community? Both communities have niches but also gatekeepers. 

I have had a positive experience being a black and queer American with the horror community. I have not been attacked on Twitter and a few people such as yourself have welcomed me in. I do feel like it is an uphill battle to get more eyes to my thoughts. I don’t write articles or criticisms. I just have my podcast. If I wrote articles I think people would view me more if that makes sense. 

I think I’ve built a small corner for my podcast. And I’m getting guests from bigger podcasts on the show. I have a feeling that my small podcast will be the one to listen to when listeners want a change. I’d like to push more black and queer content. It’s something I need to focus on more. I haven’t been gatekept as far as I know. I’ve only had positive experiences and help even when I was just starting the podcast. If I can be a positive influence for people of color in the horror community that would be great. There are some amazing black people in the horror community right now and we should be lifting each other up. 

What are some of the podcasts that you listen to and would recommend to others?

The two podcasts that influenced me to create my own are Horror Queers with Joe and Trace & Junkfood Cinema with Brian and Cargill. Because I’m more active in the podcast universe and the Twitter universe I’ve found other podcasts that are pretty great like Knight Lite, Keep Screaming, Scarred for Life, Genrevison, and Monster Never Die. 

These shows have some wonderful awesome hosts and fantastic content. There are so many awesome podcasts out there but this is my list for shows that I would love to have my show mentioned along with. It would be an honor if someone was thinking these shows and mine was added to this list. 

Sort of a part 2 to the previous question, but the idea of “self-care” and “comfort” outlets have taken on stronger meanings these days. What are some of the movies or television shows or musical artists that you feel you can always turn to?

For me films when I’m feeling down I go to 80’s horror. Lately, I’ve been watching Killer Klowns From Outer Space, The Blob remake and the first two Evil Dead films. 80’s horror is just my go to genre and I always feel safe watching those films. 

Music artists or bands that I run two when I need to feel better are Run The Jewels, Bring Me The Horizon, Britney, And Joy Division. Most of these bands or artists have helped me when I’m down. I go to them on a bad day or even when I’m having a good day and just need to stay content.

There is one tv series that I always go to when I need to feel better and that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It’s got so much heart, tackles tough topics in such odd ways and is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen. I can always throw on a couple episodes and get that pick up. 

Fun fact- you’re openly a nudist. What are your thoughts on nudity in the media and the blatant double standards?

Nudity needs to be normalized in the media and the world. I’m baffled in 2020 why violence everyone can take seeing but if a body part is shown everyone is up in arms. We all are humans. We all have body parts and genitalia. If it is a part of the story, why is that such a bad thing? There are stories that people want to tell that may require nudity. 

I think the issue is that nudity has in our society for hundreds of years been sexualized. Nudity is not inherently sexual. It can be sexualized and because of that it’s added a negative connotation. I am recently seeing indie films and HBO shows trying to normalize nudity which is a positive. But I know HBO has had some issues with nudity on their shows. So it’s a double edged sword there.

There is a horrible double standard with nudity that is very slowly disappearing. I think that we need equality opportunity nudity for all genders, transgender and non-binary people. For the longest time female nudity has been at the forefront. This needs to change. All body types are valid. We should be seeing nudity from all body times and not just people identifying as female. I’m seeing more frontal male nudity on TV series and films which is a small step forward.

But it’s not enough. Creators need, for example to make more horror films that have more male nudity than female nudity. If the film or series doesn’t need the nudity why have it in there? I just think that once nudity is normalized in society that it won’t be such a big deal. But we need to work hard to normalize it and have an equals and fair balance. Also there needs to be more positive queer nudity. Many times it’s apart of violence toward queer people or played for laugh. This has to end now. 

‘Tis the season- what are your favorite Christmas movies?

Some people will get mad at me for a few of these. But my favorite Christmas movies are Die Hard, Gremlins, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Black Christmas and Home Alone. Some of these films take place on Christmas, some during the Christmas season. But they all feel to me like you can watch them in the season and get the seasonal spirit. 

This year has been a bit of a blur, but what have some of your favorite movies of 2020 been?

Because of a feature I’m doing on the podcast’s season finale where I go through my favorite films of the year I can’t release that yet. But I do want to mention some fantastic films that I think people should see.

Possessor is this phenomenal mind boggle of a movie that’s for adults. Brandon Cronenberg has created a violent assassin film that’s inspired by his legendary father’s film but is all free his own. 

Da 5 Bloods I believe is the best movie of 2020. Spike Lee has created an action war drama that has wonderful performances, excellent chemistry, great characters and a high level of emotional involvement. I cried multiple times during this film. If Spike doesn’t win the best director Oscar it’s a crime. 

Mank is an entertaining film about Hollywood from one of my favorite directors working today. I’m happy to see David Fincher back making a film based on his father’s script. I love Gary Oldman’s performance. The way the film was shot and recorded hits me in the old Hollywood feels. I love classic cinema and films about filmmaking. 

Palm Springs is a hilarious and ridiculous comedy that takes the Groundhog Day premise and adds all the comedy of The Lonely Island. Andy Samberg shines. Cristin Milioti is terrific. There are also some awesome support characters in one of the wildest comedies to come out this year. 

Shirley is a trip into the mind of an eccentric author who along with her husband may be using their house guests in all sorts of ways. Elisabeth Moss is having one helluva year. She kills as author Shirley Jackson. The film blends indie drama with queer drama and fantasy. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her and this film. 

What’s next for ILMUS2 podcast? 

I’ve got an episode coming up on one of my favorite films, the Guy Pierce starring, Luc Besson produced sci-fi action adventure Lockout. I love this movie and can’t wait to talk about it. After that I’ll be working on my season finale which I’ll cover the year in film, the year in the show and go over my top ten favorite films of the year. And some of the picks might be shocking. 

Just saying- I’m excited to come back, too. 

I think we have something in the works but I don’t want to give too much away for season two. But I had a blast with you co-hosting the 13 Sins episodes. And I hope to bring you back on more than just once for season two! 

Your readers can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Letterboxd @JohnnyPHreak. 

My podcast I Love Movies U Should 2 is on Anchor, Apple Podcast, and Spotify.

You can further support Evan and ILMUS2 on Patreon.

The show is also on Twitter and Instagram @ILMUS2Pod.

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