How to Win Free Ice Cream for Life

Tasty Ice Cream #6925292

Whether after a rough day or simply for a sweet frozen treat, ice cream is a dessert that is sure to cheer many people up. The cool confection, especially when topped with warm fudge, soft chewy cookie crumbs, fluffy whipped cream, etc. provides a scrumptious experience to our taste buds. The only problem is that ice cream can be quite expensive, often selling for $7 per carton. However, what if we informed you that you could win free ice cream for life? If you don’t believe us, here is how:

Founded by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins, the Baskin Robbins ice cream shop is celebrating its 75th Anniversary. In honor of its long and successful business, the company is offering a very special offer over social media. Participants are encouraged to share their favorite Baskin Robbins memories: What was your first experience with Baskin Robbins? What did you like so much about the company? Baskin Robbins is excited to learn.

Many will enter but only 75 participants will win various prizes from the company with the grand prize being a coupon which grants free ice cream at Baskin Robbins for life. “There is no better way to commemorate our 75th birthday than taking a walk down memory lane”, says the chain. “We want to thank those who have made the last 75 years unforgettably sweet! We can’t wait to hear about your favorite Baskin Robbins memories and pay it forward with even more ice cream!”

Participants must be at least 16 years old and live in the United States for a chance to win. The sweepstakes will end at 11 PM Pacific Time on Friday December 11. and you must use #BRSweepstakes. Here are some entries, according to Twitter. For confidentiality, we will keep the names anonymous:

“My favorite memory of Baskin Robins was when I was a kid and me and my Dad and Mom would take my sister and I there after all.”

“It has been many years since I last saw my mother so for my birthday this year my family got me this birthday cake from Baskin Robbins…and I got to honor my old memories while making new memories with my kids as they got to laugh and enjoy it for the 1st time”

“As a child I use to look forward to every Saturday my father would take me to @baskinrobbins get my favorite ice cream. (I love chocolate) I thankful for those memories and hopefully one day I can do the same with my son”

“Baskin Robbins has been a tradition in our family. Once a week I would take my daughter and share an ice cream cone and we continue that tradition even now in her adult years.”

“Approximately 40 years ago my now deceased Husband and I loved Baskin Robbin’s Black Walnut Ice Cream so much that we used to buy it by the entire big brown tub. I miss him a lot, and when I go there it always brings back sweet memories and makes my heart happy!”

So what is your favorite Baskin Robbins memory? Post it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, using the #BRSweepstakes and you may win free ice cream for life from Baskin Robbins. 2020 wasn’t such a bad year after all!

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