Plant of the Week: Aloe, the Healer

Macro Photography of Plant
Image courtesy of Madison Inouye at

As I sit here sipping on some delicious, pulpy aloe juice (I like pulp, so sue me), I can’t help but reminisce on the plant this delicious beverage comes from. I adore aloe. I’m the type of person who wants to own a lot of houseplants but can’t bring myself to spend the money to actually do it unless it’s either a cactus (or cactus-adjacent like succulents) or useful. As anyone who has ever gotten a burn knows, aloe falls into the second category very nicely (though it also falls into the first, as it is a succulent). While it’s not some miracle healer, it can help to soothe burns and itchy skin. In the cold winter months, this becomes a lifesaver for those with skin that dries out quickly.

In addition, some varieties are edible, though they aren’t the same as the ones used for burns. You shouldn’t go munching on just any aloe, and sources sometimes conflict on which ones can be eaten. Generally, it’s best to research before taking a big ol’ bite of aloe, but the edibility is there.

Something I personally love about aloe is the gel inside. Anyone who loves slime will likely love the gel inside the aloe leaves. I’ve always been the biggest fan of clear gel (I wished for clear Jell-O as a kid), as there’s just something so magical about how it looks and moves. I adore pictures of aloe leaves opened up to reveal the gel inside! Oh, and it’s useful. That, too.

Aloe is a friendly, wonderful plant. I can’t wait to own one!

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