Why Nightmare Before Christmas Is Still Relevant Today

Growing up, I always thought that Nightmare Before Christmas was a movie that every child had for sure seen. I mean, it’s a funny, sing-along movie that is perfect for both Halloween and Christmas. It’s only recently that I found out that there are quite a few people that have not seen the 1993 classic. 

(Shocking I know!)I do have to admit, after a break of a few years, I watched the movie again and found it to be a lot spookier than I ever thought before. It is odd, seeing as I am not a lover of horror or thriller for movies and books. 

For those that have not watched the movie previously, it is about Jack Skellington who is best known as the King of Halloween Town. He enjoys the hype of the holiday, but year after year it is the same thing for him, and eventually, he grows bored of just plain scaring people. This is when he stumbles onto a magical portal that transports him to Christmas Town. He believes that Santa Claus is this big scary creature and comes up with a plan of taking over the holiday and taking Santa’s position. Obstacles are thrown in his way and his misconceptions cause Christmas to almost be canceled. 

 Although this movie was made over 27 years ago, it is still a very intriguing family-friendly motion picture to view during Christmas.

 Why? Because it is all about being comfortable with where you are. That it is okay to go traveling, but in the end, home is always where you are meant to be. Where you can be yourself. I resonate with the movie quite a bit because I love to move around and see other cultures and countries, even states where I move to for a short while, but I always find myself returning home in the end. 

With Covid running rampant through the world, especially the United States, The Nightmare Before Christmas becomes an even more important theme to watch. Where we are all stuck at home, protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the virus, watching this movie will prove that maybe it is okay to stay home for the holidays. Jack almost destroys Christmas by not staying at home like he is supposed to do after Halloween. Although this movie has nothing to do with Covid, it does have the lesson that if you stay at home, nothing bad will happen.

 As Christmas is right around the corner, I do know that I shall be watching this movie recommending it to anyone that has yet to see it.

Happy Holidays and I hope you all stay home and are safe this Christmas or any of the celebrations you normally observe around this time of year.

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