Georgia Woman Arrested for Possession of Spaghetti O’s

Homemade SpaghettiOs

In Commerce, Georgia, 23 year old woman named Ashley Gabrielle Huff was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. However, upon approaching Huff’s vehicle, police had found a spoon wrapped in a plastic bag with an unknown residue. When questioned about the substance, Hudd replied “It’s just residue from the Spaghetti O’s I was eating. The spoon was borrowed from my friend.” However, when the police conducted a field test, the residue seemed to come out positive for methamphetamine. While Huff claimed she was going to wash the spoon and return it to her friend, she was arrested for possession of methamphetamine.

While cops conducted further investigation on the substance, Huff was sent to Hall County Jail for two days, despite having no criminal history. Furthermore, Huff was ordered as part of her court arraignment to attend drug counseling sessions. When she was unable to attend all of her sessions, however, she was again arrested for “breaking the law”. She was put in jail for over a month, reports say.

According to reporter Hillary Hansen, during the weeks she sat in jail, “she was strongly considering taking a plea deal-and a permanent criminal record-just so she could get out.” Huff’s attorney (whose name is chosen to be anonymous) defends her stance: “You just get worn out, your spirit gets worn down. You reach a point where you’ll do anything just to get out of jail.”

Her hopes, however, were not completely shattered as tests on the substance proved it was, in fact, pasta sauce and not meth. While all charges against Huff have been dismissed, Huff is contemplating taking legal action against the police, but the officer claimed good reason to act how he did. He said he “found it strange that Huff would get Spaghetti O’s and put the spoon in her purse.” Still, this conviction is quite telling about the reliability of drug tests. A similar case had occurred in 2013 where homemade chicken noodle soup was tested positive for cocaine but, upon further analysis, the soup was lacking any sort of substance.

It is time for America to end these drug tests.

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