Highlander (1986) – There Can Only Be One

Highlander (1986) is pulpy, corny, goofy fantasy film about a race of immortals, destined to all kill each other until there is only one. There is a lot to not like about this movie, a main character that can’t decide if he has an accent or not, poorly choreographed fight scenes, terrible dialogue, terrible acting, and Sean Connery for some reason playing an Egyptian from Spain who still has the classic Connery accent. All of these individually would be enough to make a movie unwatchable. But, together, it makes for a pretty fun movie.

Sometimes, movies are so bad, that they become enjoyable. Highlander is, to me, one of those movies. So when the opening fight scene has some of the clumsiest, laziest, sword fight chorography I’ve ever seen in a movie, instead of turning it off, it kinda makes the movie charming. When the main character’s accent fades in and out, it gives me a smile. The dialogue, that otherwise would make me cringe, gives me a laugh. The terrible acting, only adds to the enjoyment of the film. And, Sean Connery seems to be having a lot of fun playing his utterly ridiculous character, and I can only respect it.

Highlander has no right being as enjoyable as it is. It should by all means have been left back in the ’80s. But, it wasn’t, and the world might just be better for it. Because, now a whole new generation can enjoy the wonderful mess that is Highlander. Catch it on Amazon Prime.

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