Is She Me

My goal was to take a shower. It’s been a long day and I just wanted to wash it off me. But when I walked into the bathroom and turned on the light I saw her staring at me. She had my face, my eyes, my lips, it was definitely my face. But she wasn’t me. I could tell that much. I could see this girl staring at me. I tried to move ever so slightly. But when I moved she moved and I froze again. I know that this is crazy. I know that it shouldn’t be this scary but I feel at this very moment that my life is in danger. How can I be so scared of something so silly as my own reflection? I stared into those green eyes waiting to see if they would blink first. I watched her so carefully. My eyes were getting dry, I finally had to blink first. When I opened my eyes she was still staring at me. What was it about this reflection, my reflection that was so wrong? I raised my hand and she raised her hand. I flipped off the mirror and she flipped me off in return. I swear I saw a smile play at the edge of her lips but I was definitely not smiling. I was too scared to smile. I slowly put my hand back down. I must be crazy, truly crazy. This girl is me. I made a few faces at myself and watched myself make the same faces in the mirror. This is ridiculous. I let the stress of the day get to me, well that and probably one too many horror movies.  I left the mirror and walked over to the shower. I turned on the faucet and let the water run so that it could warm up. I looked back over to the mirror and my reflection was gone, as it should be because I am not standing in front of the mirror anymore. I stepped into the shower and started to wash away this day. I let the water do most of the work. I washed my hair and let the soap run down my body. After I was thoroughly rinsed off I stepped out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. I tipped my head over and wrapped a towel around my head to help dry my hair. I stepped back in front of the mirror which was over the sink so that I could brush my teeth. The mirror had fogged up from the hot shower. I felt silly that I allowed myself to get so worked up over something so ridiculous. I brushed my teeth and was about to leave the bathroom when the girl in the mirror wiped away the fog.

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