The Plan

When you looked at me like that I thought the world would be my oyster.
However, the earth has come to a standstill and everything around me is questioned. You no longer look at me the same now that the youth has faded from my face
Your eyes no longer run along my curves but now they look at me painfully with hatred and rage
Your hands that once caressed my back when I was feeling tired now painfully hit my face
The way we used to dance in a Fred and Ginger kind of way has turned into Pamela and Tommy Lee
How did I bring myself to this point in my life?
My oyster has been cracked open and all the parts of me have spilled onto the Earth.
Late nights watching TV together are now spent in angry fights.
The time has now changed.
No more songs of joy now screams of your fault my fault.
Now is the moment of truth.
The time is at hand.
The escape is being thought out in my head.
Bags packed and buried deep in the closet.
Arsenic planted in the liquor.
Alibi stands ready.
Tickets bought in advance.
That’s right drink love I’ll be in bed soon I promise.

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I’m a writer… I love to write! I’ve been writing since I was eight years old. I can’t imagine life without stories. My life, and your life it’s a story that we are writing everyday.

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