4 YA Books to Check Out

11 Paper Hearts by Kelsey Hartwell

A young adult contemporary rom com about a girl named Ella. She had the perfect high school life, close friends, a boyfriend and a social butterfly. Unexpectedly Ella’s life changed when she was in a car accident. When Ella woke up she forgot everything that happened before that car crash , including how she broke up with her boyfriend. Now a year later and she begins to receive paper hearts from a secret admirer who has the answers she needs. With each paper heart holding clues to her past, she is in pursuit for this mysterious stranger.

Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini

Jeremy Heere is considered an average high school dork. He constantly admired his crush Christi e from afar, a girl he can’t have. Until the day he learns about the “squip.” A pill-sized supercomputer that you swallow, guaranteed to bring you whatever you most desire in life. By instructing him on what to wear, how to talk and walk. The squip transforms Jeremy into a chic cool boy.

Monsters Among Us by Monica Rodden

When Catherine Ellen’s returns home from her first semester at college, she refuses to talk about a particular night that she wants to forget and can’t wrap her head around. She tries to act as if nothing happened, but days later the murder of someone close to her changes her.

Catherine is determined to face both violent events and to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice with her childhood friend Henry. Then a stranger from college arrives with clues that help her remember the incident from college. But what does Andrew Worhtington gain by helping her solve both mysteries? Catherine must unravel the truth and find the answers to these questions, but will it cost her?

Glimpsed by G.F. Miller

Charity is a fairy godmother. She isn’t your typical fairy godmother with a dress or a wand, but she makes sure the deepest desires of the students at Jack London High school come true. Thanks to her glimpses she can see bits and pieces of their perfect future. But when Charity helps Vibha get crowned as homecoming queen based on Vibha’s desire, it goes wrong. This makes Charity questions the glimpses and if they are helping her.

On top of that dilemma there is Noah, the horrible ex of one of her past clients. He blames Charity for their break up and wants her to fix it. Having no choice but to play along, surprisingly he is helpful in trying to figure out what these glimpses truly mean. with their unexpected friendship will Charity her her happily ever after?

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