Firearm Sales Skyrocket as Biden Takes Office

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It is no doubt that, especially in 2020, deaths have been an engrossing sight, almost 35% of which were related to guns, according to the UC Davis Health Corporation. With Joe Biden taking office in eight days, he has pledged to end not only the coronavirus epidemic, but “our gun violence epidemic with bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines”. This statement has been backed up by the tenth anniversary of the shooting in Tuscan, which killed six and wounded twelve, according to U.S Representative Gabby Giffords. However, with the recent sales in firearm weapons, passing gun regulation may be more difficult than expected.

In December of 2020 and January 2021 (so far), 3.9 million firearms were purchased and background checked-the most in a single month in the history of the United States. According to reporter Rob Ryser, this record “gave 2020 a total of 39.7 million background checks, surpassing the 2019 record of 28 million background checks by 40%”. Connecticut, especially, sought a record in firearm sales at 219,000 background checks. While Fox News claims that the explanation for this involves “the threat of a Democratic White House in 2021”, this is highly unlikely, as Connecticut has been a blue state since the Clinton Administration.

A line chart created by Derek Turner presents the number of firearm background checks in 2020. According to the chart, in the month of March when America was ordered to go into lockdown, firearm sales reached a record high at approximately 25,000 sales in March alone. This had increased the revenue of numerous firearm businesses by about half, according to Turner. While sales fell to 10,000 in the month of April, they rose again in November to 20,000. According to Turner, the average sale of guns per year is about 15,000 so 2020 sought a heavy change to this factor.

With the increase in demand of weapons, the run on guns is expected to continue until at least the Spring of 2021, making gun control difficult to pass. However, Biden goes on to pledge “to work with Congressman Giffords and with survivors, families, and advocates across the country to defeat the NRA and end gun violence in America”.

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