Perfect sip

It’s that first sip of coffee that determines how the day will go. If the coffee is perfect then the day will be perfect, if the coffee is not well then the day is not. Today the coffee had too little sugar. I took that first sip expecting it to ignite my soul for the day and instead I was met with hot bitterness. That was it. That was the first sign of things to go wrong. I knew at that moment that I should climb back into bed and start all over. Unfortunately, today was an important day. Hardly worth talking about if it wasn’t. Today was the day that was supposed to change my life. Why coffee, why did you have to be wrong today? I know you’re probably thinking I put too much stock in my coffee superstition but you will too when you realize that your coffee determines your day. I added a little more sugar to my coffee and continued on with my morning.

I brought my cup into my bedroom where I get ready for my day. As I stepped into my room I tripped over my cat who was sitting right in the middle of the doorway. Hot coffee spilled onto my nightshirt. Oh, the unfortunate situations that are about to befall me today. Do not worry the cat was unharmed. She seemed a bit annoyed as she walked away to find a new spot to lie down in. I set what was left in my mug on top of my dresser and took off my nightshirt. I could see the red burn on my chest. It’s not too bad so I guess I’m lucky for now. I pulled on my blouse and stepped into my skirt. As I was pulling the zipper up on the side it pinched my skin. This day is already attacking me. I grabbed my pantyhose from the dresser and started to pull them up. I know you already figured this part out by now but there was a huge run going all the way up the leg. These are of course my last pair so I have no choice but to wear them. To round out my morning routine I managed to burn the top of my ear with my straightening iron and poke myself in the eye with my mascara.

However, I am still in one piece so I will now venture out into the world in hopes of surviving the trip to work. I decided that it was best not to drive myself to work today. You know just in case. So I called a taxi and off I went. I felt safe for the moment. Until the taxi got a flat tire. The driver looked me right in the eye and said “I’m keeping the meter running” oh good I get to pay for this too. I’m not terribly upset by that. I thought that it could have been so much worse if I were driving. At least we’re safe. I decided to pay the driver and walk the rest of the way, it was only two blocks away at this point.

I actually liked walking, the weather was nice. The sun was shining brightly in the sky and there was a cool breeze that hit me every time I felt too hot. I enjoyed the sound that my heels made when they hit the pavement. I walked past a bakery that I didn’t even know existed. The smell of fresh-baked goodness wafted out the door. I decided that it would be a nice treat on this awful morning to stop in and get a pastry. I entered the quaint shop and walked up to the counter. I ordered my cheese danish without incident. I left the bakery and continued on my way. I arrived at work a little late. That was to be expected since my morning was so rough.

Once in my office, I began my normal routine. Check my schedule, check emails, and return calls. A few hours past and nothing happened. So perhaps my silly coffee superstition wasn’t as serious as I thought it was. Even so, I wasn’t going to let my guard down. You never know what dangers are lurking around the corner when your coffee isn’t perfect. Around noon I decided to go to lunch and that’s when I realized I forgot my lunch. I left it sitting on the counter at home. It’s not the end of the world of course. I will have to go out to lunch. The problem with that is the fact that I don’t have a car with me. I decided to revisit that bakery down the street. It’s not too far away and I should be able to make it there and back within an hour.

I left the building and began my walk to the bakery. The weather was still pleasant and the breeze was still cool. I was enjoying the walk so much that I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings. That’s when it happened. I stepped into a metal grate on the sidewalk and got my heel stuck. I pulled at my foot but couldn’t get the shoe free. I took my foot out of the shoe and tried balancing on one foot while pulling at my heel. I couldn’t keep the balance and down went my foot right into chewing gum. I felt vomit fill my throat for a moment. I swallowed that down. One issue at a time! I started to rock my shoe back and forth to shimmy it from the grate and then I heard the plop sound of something hitting water. At the same moment, my shoe came loose and I toppled backward. I looked at my shoe and the heel had broken off. I slip the damaged shoe back onto my foot and turned to go back to work. I no longer had an appetite, I just want to get this day over with.

I arrived back at work just on time. A coworker came into my office claiming that he had bad news. He told me that the presentation that the two of us had been working on was bumped and that we would have to present it next week instead. Although we worked incredibly hard on this presentation I was glad for the delay. I couldn’t imagine having this opportunity ruined by coffee. 

The workday ended and I called a taxi to take me home. The whole time hoping that this time we don’t get a flat tire, walking home is not an option right now. When the driver pulled up I saw that he was the same guy from this morning. I slid into the back seat and we began the journey home. He told me that after I left he went into the convenience store to get a coffee while he waited for a tow truck driver. He said that the store was giving away free coffee and pizza as a promotion. That figures. If I had just waited I would have had lunch for the day and would have never lost my heel or stepped in gum. The driver pulled up to my house and I paid the fare. I walked up to my front door exhausted and somewhat excited to end this day.

I walked into the house and threw my shoes in the trash. I plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV wouldn’t you know it, the cable is out. That’s it. That’s it for me. I went up to my room and changed out of my work clothes. I put on my nightclothes and climbed into bed. I didn’t brush my teeth. I didn’t wash my face. I didn’t care. I just wanted this day to end. As I laid there waiting for sleep to come I thought back to my morning walk and that danish.  That danish was perfect.

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