Plant of the Week – Catnip, Bringer of Cats

Fluffy cat sitting on windowsill at home
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I love cats. Love ’em. Cats are the perfect combination of affectionate and aloof. I wish I could build a mansion with my own two hands just so I would have enough room for every cat that goes unwanted. What better way to attract those cats than a nice patch of catnip in the garden?

Catnip is a wonderful plant if you’re a cat lover. Your cats will react to it in their own unique ways, which is something that is ever-so-interesting to watch! Does your cat chill out? Spazz out? Avoid catnip-smelling objects? You don’t know until you buy some and experiment!

What’s better than the cats you have? More cats! Catnip, when grown outside in the garden, may attract your local strays! If you can’t or don’t want to adopt them, you can, at the very least, use the catnip to bait them. A service to both the cat and the local wildlife is catching a feral, having it neutered or spayed, then releasing it back onto the street (ferals are different from strays in that strays can be adopted and enjoy it, whereas ferals don’t want to be with humans at all, ever).

Someday, I want to grow my very own catnip. Whether for my own fuzzy roommates or for the kitties on the streets, catnip is a wonderful plant!

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