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I weep…

Sitting on the floor

Knees pulled to my chest

I weep

Wondering where was God

Is he still watching

I weep

Hoping for better days

Not understanding the moment

I weep

The last touch of an unpleasant hand

The torn clothes

I weep

The bright lights flashing

The doctors all around me

I weep

The blood-stained clothes

A child’s lost virginity

I weep

The life struggles

The endless nightmares

I weep

Will someone save me

Am I all alone

I weep

A friend’s touch on the shoulder

A gentle hug a quiet hush

I weep

The hand that holds me

Picks me up

I weep

The eyes that tell me

No one will hurt me again

I weep

3 thoughts on “I Weep

  1. Just as this came in I was weeping – weeping over a Marine son I could have lost in Afghanistan or Iraq, but didn’t. Watched an excellent movie about a father who wasn’t so fortunate, then all the old stored up fear about what might have been burst through and I wept. Then your writing appeared. Weeping like this, like that, is a holy thing. Peace be with you.

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