The Shadow

The shadow reached out and grabbed her. She stood motionless. She knew what was happening but at the same time, she knew it couldn’t possibly be real. She could feel the fingers tighten their grip on her shoulders. She tried to turn her head but it seemed frozen. She needed to see. The fingers tightened even more. She slowly lifted her leg and tried to step forward. She thought if she could just step out of the grasp of the shadow she could run. She slowly set her foot down and tried to move her body forward but, the hand just moved with her. She took another step and the grip still stayed with her. She took a slow deep breath. She needed to see. She forced herself to turn her head. And she could see it. A dark shadow reaching out from the wall grabbing her shoulder. She screamed she couldn’t help it. She felt the fingers tighten again. She took one more deep breath and steadied herself. She was going to run. She had to try. She forced her courage and set off to run. She made it only a few steps before she felt herself hit the wall hard. The fingers…the shadow had dragged her back. She felt those fingers walk from her shoulder to her neck and they wrapped around as if to hold her. She could feel the arms now. Cold arms wrapped around her. One around her neck and the other around her waist. Something slimy licked her ear and she could feel the faintest touch of jagged teeth. She could feel her whole body trembling. She wanted to scream out but her voice seemed to be lost. She could hear her mom calling her name. She could see her in the distance. She tried to call out to her mom but only a whisper left her lips. As her mom turned to look in her direction she felt the shadows grip more now than ever. She fought against it but she couldn’t budge. She took one more deep breath and screamed for her mom with everything she had left in her. Just as her mom turned to see where the sound had come from the shadow pulled her into the wall and she was gone. Her mom stared at the wall where her daughter’s voice had just been but could only see a shadow.

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