Tanya Davis: Enthralling Without Yelling

If you’re not in tears after listening to “Eulogy for You and Me,” then you should probably find a therapist.

If you are not familiar with Davis, then you have not experienced a voice that can bring you in more powerfully than anyone raising their voice. When you turn on the news or even take a walk outside, you’ll pretty quickly hear someone start screaming about something. This may be disguised as passion, but often it is repressed sadness.

Davis is not afraid to let it all out in a way that is true to herself. If you watch performances of her poetry or listen to her music, you will experience this appreciation of emotion, people, and understanding. Her voice has a soothing quality that is so much more captivating than anyone trying to get your attention. Davis is not looking for attention. She creates art.

A good place to get a glimpse of her magic is in this video she created with the filmmaker Andrea Dorfman.

Through beautiful poetry and child-like animation, this video captures the steadiness of the artist’s voice. It serves as a reminder that you don’t need to strain your voice to be heard, and that we all may learn from taking more time to ourselves, away from the distractions that surround us.

Back to “Eulogy for You and Me.” I have listened to this song probably one hundred times in the past couple years, and it continues to make me cry with an odd feeling of optimism tied into it all.

Before the lyrics even begin, I already feel like I’ve been transported into a world where I’m floating blissfully over an ocean that surrounds me from all sides of the world.

Playing and listening to music have been two of my favorite possibilities since I was young. And the places music transports me is a large part of that fascination. And what I learn there. When I first heard this song, I felt like I learned something that I cannot articulate still, years later. Over a year after a relationship ended, I heard this song. 20 seconds into the song, I was in tears, but the lines, the poetry near the end, is what really had me weeping.

and what happened surely changed me, and the hereafter is full of sadness that is raw and oh so sweet, because every time a cold heart thaws it sends a river of tears to nourish the ground on the way to the sea

I bow my head to praise and remember this look up again to greet my days, this is a eulogy for you and me I won’t forget, but will let go of this just the same

Tanya Davis’ “Eulogy for You and Me”

Some things aren’t meant to be discussed further because you ruin magic by pointing out the techniques. Don’t ruin it.

Believe it.

Experience it here:

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