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The country may be under abnormal circumstances, but that did not stop singer and actress Selena Gomez from releasing new albums. Just recently, Gomez has announced a new album of hers that needed to be recorded and produced using online platforms such as Zoom. According to reporter Allison Olivia, “one of her biggest collaborators in this new endeavor is Venezuelan singer-songwriter Elena Rose”. Despite the tools needed to produce the album this year, however, there is something else unique and special about Gomez’s new album: it is in Spanish.

The album entitled “Revelacion” is expected to be released on March 12 2021. Songs on the album include “De Una Vez” (at once) and “Baila Conmingo” (Dance With Me)-both of which the singer has stated to be the first Spanish songs she’s ever worked on and were also used to promote the album.

“At the time, doing a Spanish project was just an idea being bounced around”, says Gomez. “Then the rest of the project just kind of happened real quickly and organically”. Regarding the meaning of the album, Gomez continues: “The album portrays the sense of isolation we all are experiencing right now and how music truly does connect us no matter where we are in the world”.

Puerto Rican record producer Tainy describes his experience of working with Gomez: “It was really interesting since [Selena] fuses an authentic reggae sound with elements like the plucked electric guitar that learn more pop. The melodies complemented her personality very well. I’m excited for this one!”

Gomez has announced that “Revelacion” is currently out for pre order on her Facebook. “Elena Rose is an incredible female writer who I think really understands my heart and what I wanted to say in this project”, says Gomez. “I’m so excited to share this with you, and I’m so proud of my heritage!”

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