An American Werewolf in London (1981) – Horrifying

The 1981 comedey horror film An American Were Wolf In London is about an American backpacking through London who gets attacked by a Werewolf and turns into one. Its an OK movie. It’s fine. But what’s truly great about the movie, is the werewolf transformation scenes.

The transformation from man into werewolf was done with all practical effects. And, this helps make the scene all the more real. The practical effects look so realistic that I assume its actually how it’d look if a man turned into a werewolf. And, because it seems so real, it also makes it so much more terrifying. The horrifyingly slow pace that the transformation occurs at, along with the actor’s acting, makes the transformation seem extremely painful. Additionally, the sound his body makes at it changes is truly disturbing.

Take a look:

Terrifying, right? Sometimes practical effects are the best option. When done poorly they look goofy, but when done well they truly elevate the film.

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