Why can’t I see rainbows

And blue skies

I want to walk in meadows

And eat cotton candy

I want to be light

I want to be free

I want to feel the joy that I hear life brings

When my fingers touch the key board

I want them to touch letters that create

Happy words







But the darkness

It creeps

Creeps into me

Into my fingers

Makes letters that create chaos

Letters that cause pain

That hurt

Rainbows I say

My fingers fighting against the darkness

Pushing past the pain

To create


She smiles



I push harder

The darkness fights

The battle ensues



Smiles, create, joy, love, sing, dance,

She sits and writes

Her fingers dance over the keyboard

She creates beautiful imagery

The tree that grows

Tall and grand

It sits in the middle of the meadow

Wild flowers dance all around it in the breeze

The birds sing in branches

Songs that bring joy

Lovers confess their hearts desire under the shade the tree brings

Is that darkness

It’s creeping in


Its shade

To cool you from the suns that shines on this beautiful day

She smiles, he smiles

The darkness fades

The light shines with the sun

The warmth

The joy

The happiness

The sky

The rainbow

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