Eye to Eye

We always don’t see eye to eye

and that’s fine. I won’t feel

inclined to visualize how you see

the world, its a broad place:

Full of ideas, values, morals, emotions

and beliefs that we see and believe.

I won’t judge you for what you stand for,

how you live, how you speak.

We all bleed the same,

its our uniqueness that makes every country

new, vibrant and free.

The differences make us better citizens,

if we acknowledge that, we can learn

from this chaotic world were living in.

This world is evolving, and so we must

work together for change.

I know we are stuck,

the times are at odds.

Everyone fighting and hating,

lets go beyond the fog.

I’m sure we can compromise

and find a way

to unite, to fight,

go beyond the dismay.

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