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Do I scare you

Like I scare me

My reflection




Staring at me

Judging me

Condemning me to my mind

I live in chaos

I embrace it

Make it a part of me

It coils around me

Like ivy

Growing from the ground up

Wraps around me

Mummifies me

The chaos empties me

I’m a husk

A once was

A memory

But the reflection

Tells a different story

The reflection is me

Judging me

The thoughts

Why are you like this

Why can’t you be different

Who do you think you are

I am




A memory of my former self

A memory of my reflection

I have been weighed

I have been measured

And I have been found wanting

I accept this

I accept these things

I accept the all-consuming anger that fills my mind

That I bleed into you



You take it all

I empty myself into you

No remorse

Does it scare you

Like it scares me

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