Saving Private Ryan (1998) – Vin Diesel’s Best Movie

Yeah! I said it! Hot take of the year! Saving Private Ryan (1998) is Vin Diesel’s best movie. Now, I predict there are four types of reactions to my hot take.

The first, is you Fast and Furious fans. I hear you saying, “but… but… Fast Seven is so good!” And, I enjoy turn your brain off action movies as much as anyone. But, in Saving Private Ryan Vin Diesel actually acts. For the first time, you see Vin Diesel act. And, well, its not that bad. When he’s not simply saying “I am Groot” or “It’s about family”, Vin Diesel can put in a good performance.

The second type of reaction is, “Wait, I’ve seen that movie… Vin Diesel is in it?” And to that I say, “yes, he is!” I too always forget that he’s in the movie. He’s only in the first half. But, when he shows up its like “oh shit, that’s Riddick.” But, maybe its time for you to rewatch it. So that you to can walk away saying, “yeah, I guess Vin Diesel actually can act if he wants to.”

The third type of reaction is, “It’s his best movie? I got to check it out!” To which I’ll say, “Yes! You do! For more reasons than Vin Diesel, Stephen Spielberg has, with this movie, managed to create a beautifully tragic movie about war and it’s affect on those who fight and even those who don’t. Tom Hanks gives a performance that stands out in his storied career. But, yeah, Vin Diesel is also there!”

The fourth type of reaction to my claim is, “No, Iron Giant is his best movie”, to which I’ll say “Oh yeah… I forgot he was in Iron Giant, neverminded, forget I said anything, that’s his best movie.”

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