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I am alone in this

You look right at me but still don’t see me

You look through me as if I don’t exist

Yet here I stay

Next to you

Waiting for the day

The day things will change

You don’t listen to me

You say you hear me

But you’re not listening

My words fall short of your attention

Yet I wait because things will change

It won’t always be this way

I confide in you

My fears, my hopes, my dreams

You explain them to me as if I said them wrong

I chase you for your attention

I get excited when you glance my way

My knees still go week at your touch

Yet when I need you

When I lean on you

I find myself falling to the Earth

Because you will not hold me

I wait for your hand to help me up

But the hand does not come

I want to lie on the floor

I want the floor to swallow me whole

I want to disappear into nothingness

Yet I don’t disappear

I stay here

Waiting for you

Crying for you

Dying for you

Praying for you

Hoping for one day

One day you will pick me up

One day you will hold me

I wait for that one day

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