I constantly blink

the urge to swipe,

rub and dig. Inside

my moist cornea.

Where I can see

has been disturbed.

Was it dust or pollen

I wasn’t sure, the cause.

But annoyance and

agony strained my sight.

my fingers scrape my lid

and lashes. This frightful

eye isn’t red. Veins are

bulged but they pulsed

in my eye an urge to scratch.

Sun blazes outside, nose

becomes overstuffed.

Tissues save me

every time I

blink or exhale.

No wetness in my

cornea. Only

dry skin and blinking

for ten minutes.

An outer crust


Nature is an enemy,

not a best friend.

It’s the season

we can’t make amends.

my nose and eyes fear

the touch of the winde,

sun, green, pets.

mucus drips, eyedrops

drip for comfort.

But in two months

I’ll breathe well again,

my eyes will be free

from allergies.

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