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Recently, President Joe Biden released a statement on Twitter regarding the mask mandate: “The rules are simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do”. The CDC has taken Biden’s words to heart and issued the rule that fully vaccinated Americans no longer need to wear a mask in outdoor spaces and (most) indoor spaces. While states and businesses can maintain their mask-wearing rule if they wish, at least 10 states stated they would ease up on their mask mandates. Here are a few:

Minnesota: Governor Tim Walz stated in a press conference that, starting Friday, the mask mandate would be dropped for vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens. “The confusion of the two sets of rules is untenable and unworkable”, he states. “Private businesses and local governments can keep mask mandates in place though”.

Kentucky: Governor Andy Beshear posted a Twitter video, alerting the public that they will be directly following the CDC guidelines. “You ought get your shot of hope if you haven’t”, he says. “If you get vaccinated, the CDC says it’s safe to take that mask off”.

Nevada: Senator Steve Sisolak also said they would follow the CDC guidelines directly. “I strongly encourage all Nevadans who have not taken advantage of the COVID-19 vaccine to do so as soon as possible”, he announced on Monday. It should also be noted that people are not considered fully vaccinated until 2 weeks after they received their second dose.

Oregon:  While governor Kate Brown is also following CDC guidelines, his comments on Twitter show Brown is a bit more cautious about the spread of the virus: “Some businesses may prefer to simply continue operating under the current guidance for now, rather than worrying about verifying vaccination status and that’s fine”, he says.

Pennsylvania: Alison Beam, acting secretary of Pennsylvania’s Department of Health, stated that the CDC guidelines will automatically be placed into effect. However, once the vaccination rate is 70% or over for adults, unvaccinated people can remove their mask.

Washington: Governor Jay Inslee has also placed the CDC policy immediately into effects, so as to provide relief for its citizens: “This is a hell of a benefit for people who have been annoyed by this mask,” he states in a press conference. “This is a ticket to freedom. That shot is a ticket to freedom from masks, and we hope people will avail themselves to it”.

Illinois: Governor J.B Pritzker said on Twitter Thursday that they would revise their rules, but the rules themselves are quite vague and may be more flexible than the CDC guidelines: “The scientist’s message is clear: if you are vaccinated, you can do so much more”, he tweeted.

Connecticut: Governor Led Lamont also adapted the CDC guidelines which will be put into place on Thursday. Masks will be required in schools until the end of the year. “Proof of vaccination will not be required”, he stated. “We can only trust that people will do the right thing”.

North Carolina: In addition to accepting the CDC guidelines, Governor Ray Cooper said that the state will fully remove it’s mask mandate in indoor settings. While the CDC has recommended a mask mandate in enclosed spaces and public transportation, Cooper had ignored that part of the guideline, asserting that vaccinated people don’t need masks, period. Proof of vaccination, however, will be required.

New York: Governor Andrew Cuomo said that, starting May 19 (today), the CDC guidelines would be put into effect. “Be respectful to those who may still feel safest wearing their masks in public and business owners who may still ask patrons to don their masks as well as those who have not yet been able to receive the vaccination”, says Cuomo.

While states such as California, New Jersey, and Texas are quite ambivalent about adapting these ask mandates, the new guidelines put in place by the CDC show the country taking action towards beinging this country back to normal. So, please, either get the vaccine or keep your mask up because COVID is still a risk. Do the right thing and save lives. Help America return to normalcy.

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