PopSockets and TikTok’s New Collaboration Makes Filming Videos Easier Than Ever

It’s undeniable that PopSockets’ fun phone grips and TikTok’s short, creative videos have taken the mobile world by storm in the past few years. Now, the two brands have teamed up to create a limited-edition collection of phone grips and the PopMount 2 Flex, a flexible tripod that connects to PopSockets grips to give creators more freedom while making videos they love!

(c) PopSockets / The pink and teal swirl colorway of the PopMount 2 Flex.

The PopMount’s legs can bend around surfaces like tree branches and stair railings, so TikTokers can film anywhere that inspires them. TikTok creators @the.navarose, @micahcow, and @jackpembrook joined the campaign, and this lineup shows how useful the mounts can be for any kind of videos – Nava Rose creates fashion content (she even did a fashion-themed Q&A in partnership with PopSockets earlier this year), Micah Couwenhoven makes comedy and lifestyle clips, and Jack Pembrook shows off his skateboarding skills. 


pls I would style Jungkook for free 🙏🏼💜 Head over to @popsockets to check out part 2 of my Q&A! #popsockets #QandA #mirrormirror #ad

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Nava Rose’s fashion Q&A in partnership with PopSockets.

Micah Couwenhoven notes that the mount is “really easy to set up and it really helps keep [his] camera still,” and Nava Rose adds, “I love that the TikTok x PopSockets PopMount easily fits in my purse which allows me to shoot my outfits anywhere and everywhere.  My outfits are already loud and eye-catching as is, so the PopMount [2 Flex] is a perfectly discreet way to shoot without having to set up bulky shooting equipment.”

Micah Couwenhoven for PopSockets x TikTok.

Jack Pembrook also says the PopMount makes it easier to film videos alone, making it a fun, modernized version of a traditional tripod. He explains, “Being an influencer, it is hard to rely on others to help with videos; with this new product, I am able to be fully independent and get the best possible angles.  It is a quick and easy product to set up, and it works amazingly.  Thanks to PopMount, I can now create videos everywhere and anywhere!”

Jack Pembrook for PopSockets x TikTok.

In quarantine over the past year, many people turned to TikTok and other social media platforms for entertainment, and now that restrictions are lifting, content creators are able to expand their content to keep their followers engaged. PopSockets CEO David Barnett shares, “Teaming up with our friends at TikTok was a natural fit for us to invite the world to #FlexIt. This collaboration is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to content creators for inspiring and entertaining us every day, especially during a very challenging year.”

The PopMount ($25) comes in two colorways that nod to TikTok’s logo, teal swirl and pink and teal swirl. Meanwhile, the phone grips ($15) come in pink and teal variants that feature TikTok’s logo, as well as an “as seen on TikTok” option in black. You can shop the collection on PopSockets’ website and in Walmart stores now!

Nava Rose for PopSockets x TikTok.

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