Politicians React to One Year Anniversary of George Floyd’s Death

Derek Chauvin guilty of murder: The story of the day George Floyd was  killed - and the moments leading up to his death | US News | Sky News

Losing a loved one is never easy, especially at an early age and for unexpected causes. Today marks the one year anniversary of police officer Derek Cauvin placed his knee on George Floyd’s neck, suffocating him to death. Politicians have already acknowledged the event through their Twitter posts and videos. Here are a few:

Dean Spade: This Washington lawyer had taken to Twitter yesterday, giving a piece of trivia regarding police brutality and saying: “Tomorrow marks the one year Anniversary of the murder of George Floyd. Since that day, police have killed 967 people”.

Cori Bush: Missouri governor Cori Bush had acknowledged not only Floyd but his family as well: “Tomorrow marks one year since the George Floyd incident and I’m talking about his daughter Gianna, who will be marking one year without her Daddy. George Floyd had a rich and loving life. And it wasn’t just taken from him, it was taken from all who loved him”.

Mark Drakefield: The First Minister of Wales and leader of the Welch labor Party showed support for Floyd, despite not being from America: “Today, we mourn the death of George Floyd, who was tragically and senselessly murdered exactly one year ago. The Welsh government will always fight for a more equal and just society. Our race equality action Plan will help us the truly Anti-racist Wales we want to see”.

Callum Uwnderwood: This politician and former entrepreneur reiterated everybody’s thoughts during the George Floyd murder: “One year since George Floyd was murdered. Black lives still matter, and always will matter”.

Darren Lewis: While not a politician, this professional athlete still had some thoughtful comments to make towards American football: “Football went from ‘Black Lives Matter’ to being afraid to say the word ‘Black’. This black family of George Floyd must step in and try to create change. George Floyd, one year on”.

The events that had occurred one year ago express the police brutality, especially towards People of Color. The problem still lingers and must be addressed to create true equality and truly “Make America Great Again”.

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