Sweet Teeth Sign with Lövely Records and Release “Acid Rain” Ahead of New EP

Sweet Teeth step into an energetic new era with their new track “Acid Rain,” the lead single and title track of their upcoming EP (out July 30th) and their first release since signing with Lövely Records. Great for fans of acts like Dinosaur Jr. and Foo Fighters, the four-piece group hails from Sweden and consists of vocalist and guitarist Andreas Axelson, guitarist Andreas Sjöberg, bassist Joona Hassinen, and drummer Joakim Öhlund.

One of the standout qualities of the band’s music is how cohesive and slick they sound together, partly thanks to how experienced each musician is. The members played in bands like Disfear, Year of the Goat, The Deadbeats, Tortyr, The Dontcares, and Dollhouse before forming Sweet Teeth.

The group’s upcoming Acid Rain EP will have seven tracks, including the titular “Acid Rain,” drawing from their ’90s punk influences and showing off their honest, insightful lyrics.

You can find “Acid Rain” on your favorite streaming services now, and keep an eye out for the EP of the same name in July! You can also connect with Sweet Teeth. on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo via Earshot Media.

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