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We heard the siren just seconds before we saw the fog. We had all heard the stories, but none of us believed it, until it started getting closer. At first, it was just a rumor. A problem somewhere else, but soon it began to spread out farther. It began in another country; we never thought it would make it here. The news stations were reporting on a “killer” fog. The fog didn’t affect everyone the same, for some people it didn’t affect them at all, but others weren’t so lucky. The story was, that a thick fog would move into town, some people wouldn’t survive it, and the ones that did would wish they hadn’t.  For those that didn’t survive, the fog would fill their lungs, and then settle in like cement, slowly suffocating the person. This was the “best” way to die. The others that were affected by the fog weren’t so “lucky”. The fog sat on their skin eating away at it. At first, it would feel like a sunburn, but soon the fog that sat on their skin would start eating it. It would feel like their skin was on fire, eventually, it would eat them all the way to the bone. These poor souls were alive while this was happening. It took days for the fog to eat through the skull or vital organs. It was as if the fog was deliberately keeping the host person alive while it ate them. When the person died from their wounds the fog dissipated from the body. The people that weren’t affected by the fog had to watch their friends and family die. The issue was that there was no way to know who would be affected and who wouldn’t. But we weren’t too worried about that here because it was someone else’s problem. We never thought it would cross the ocean, never thought it would cross the country. Never thought that we would hear the siren.

The fog moved extremely slow, so people thought that they could just outrun it. The problem was, once the fog settled in, it would never leave. It would spread to an area and stop. Like it was sitting at a table enjoying a meal, when the meal was over, it just seemed to stretch to the next area. It didn’t dissipate; it didn’t move on, it just spread out.  When it hit the ocean we thought it would stop. But it didn’t. That’s when we started to get scared, when we knew this was something more. The government sent a drone into the fog. What we saw was devastating. Lying dead on top of the ocean were sharks, whales, dolphins, and fish. The fog was killing the ocean life as well. We had no way of knowing whether some of the ocean life survived. There was no way to go into the fog to check. We would get reports from those that had survived overseas from time to time. There was no good news. The fog was not lifting.

Now the siren rings for us, and I fear that I won’t survive it. There is nowhere left to hide. We are on the coast already. We may be the last stop before the whole world is consumed. Some people ran into their bunkers. We have already heard that the fog can seep in anywhere. It moves against the wind, doesn’t change with rain or snow. But still, some cling to the hope that their bunker will be secure enough to protect them. My family has started putting towels and sheets around the doors to fill in the cracks, while my dad is trying to seal the door with plastic.  My father had already put plastic around all the windows and the back door. We are all clinging to hope now. The fog is moving towards my house. I can see it approaching my Livingroom window. It’s completely white on one side of my house and sunny on the other side. The Livingroom window is covered in a grey/white fog. It is seeping in. My God, it’s seeping in…

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