Great for fans of acts like grandson, King Shelter’s “CONCRETE!” is a frantic, politically-charged anthem. As the first single from their upcoming PATIENCE EP, the song tackles gun violence with rap-like cadence over energetic guitars.

“‘CONCRETE!’ is about the frustration with the glorification of the shooter,” Taylor Hecocks of King Shelter explains. “We’ve seen the things people will do for their face to be in the minds of every citizen. Unless we change things, we will continue to see it time and time again. Is there anything we can do on our end as everyday humans? Maybe I’ll just try to treat people better first.”

The Southern Californian band has quickly become an underground staple on the Orange County music scene, having started playing shows around six years ago. They put out their debut EP, Failure, independently in 2015, and have continued to grow and explore different sounds ever since.

You can find “CONCRETE!” on your favorite streaming services now, and keep an ear out for the PATIENCE EP from King Shelter later this year! You can connect with King Shelter on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website.

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